Shaddharanam DS 60 Tabs - An excellent Amapachana (Anti rheumatic & digestive) medicine

MRP: Incl. of all taxes

Rs. 410

Similar to Shaddaranam tablets, this herbal formulation is effective for digestive wellness and inflammatory disorders. Shaddaranam DS works in relieving numerous health issues related to the stomach, abdomen, naval region and joints. It helps control nausea, vomiting and bloating. The distinguishing factor of Shaddaranam DS from Shaddaranam is the double concentrated form of the dosage inside the pack. 

Ingredients - What Does It Contain?    

  1. Darvi 
  2. Indrayava 
  3. Katuka 
  4. Athivisha 
  5. Padha 
  6. Gomuthra 

Benefits - What’s in It for You?    

  • Helps treat digestive disorders 
  • Relieves rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation 
  • Supports in curing diabetes and stiffness 
  • Fights abdominal diseases 

How To Use    

Two tablets twice daily before food. 

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