Navayasam 90 Tablet - A cardioprotective polyherbal formula for anaemia & skin diseases

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Navayasam is a herbal solution that can help you deal with multiple health issues like anaemia, heart disease, skin disorder and intestinal wounds. The extract preparation of this natural supplement is referenced in the classical Ayurveda text, Sharngadhara Samhitha. 

Ingredients - What Does It Contain?    

  1. Chithraka 
  2. Triphala 
  3. Mustha 
  4. Vidanga 
  5. Shunti 
  6. Maricha 
  7. Pippali 
  8. Loha Bhasma 

Benefits - What’s In It For You?    

  • Help treat heart disorders 
  • Supports prevention of skin diseases 
  • Fights conditions like anaemia, fistula, piles, anorexia 
  • Treats abdominal disorders, intestinal wounds and dyspepsia

How To Use    

Two tablets twice daily before food or as directed by the physician. 

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