Bipha Daahamruth 2 gm x 10 Sachets

Rs. 115

Bipha Daahamruth, a unique herbal thirst-quenching drink, is meant for your daily use. Get the goodness of herbs in a single glass of water boiled with this Ayurvedic powder. In the busy routine, get a bottle of Daahamruth water wherever you go and stay immune to all sorts of challenges with ease

Ingredients - What Does It Contain?    

  1. Anantamool 
  2. Patranga 
  3. Ginger 
  4. Vetiver   

Benefits - What’s in It for You?    

  • Helps reduce thirst 
  • Supports digestive health 
  • Calms mind and body 
  • Helps maintain healthy hydration levels   

How To Use    

Add a pinch or even half a teaspoon of Bipha Daahamruth to get the rose colour and aroma enriched into the boiling water. For more colour, you can add more amount of Daahamruth powder and filter the drink and serve it warm for best results. 

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