In 1929, a gifted Ayurvedic Physician, Pappy Vaidyar, realised the need of an institution to meet the rising demand for genuine Ayurvedic formulations/ treatment. Bipha Drug Laborataries was established as a result of his efforts in Ochira, a small village in South Kerala.

As decades passed, Pappy Vaidyar became renowned as did his Pharmacy, for its commitment in providing quality ayurvedic treatment. Bipha Drug Labs was shifted to Erattupetta and subsequently to Kottayam to meet the rising number of patients from Central Travancore. In the 1930’s the Pharmacy finally relocated to its present head quarters at Kalarickal Bazaar in Kottayam.

Pappy Vaidyar’s ability as a true visionary led to the development of many unique formulations and processing methods which in turn thrust Bipha drug labs to the forefront in the Ayurvedic patent segment. As a result the pharmacy was developing and innovating formulations decades before these were known more commonly.