Asthmacure Tablet 90 Tablets - A reliable herbal solution for breathlessness

Rs. 306

A nonsteroidal and nonsedative herbal choice with Swasanandam gulika powder, Malabar nut(Adathoda vasica), Holy basil, Long pepper, Piper betel etc. combats all types of asthma/breathing difficulties. Also helps relieve symptoms of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases(COPD) such as cough, wheezing and breathlessness


1.A unique herbal blend of Swasanandam gulika churnam , Vasa(Adathoda vasica), Tulsi(Ocimum sanctum), Tambulavalli(Piper beetle), etc.; combat bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases(COPD) such as cough, wheezing and breathlessness.

2.Mucolytic and expectorant property of the formula helps to remove excess phlegm in the airways.

3.A good choice for all  Chronic respiratory ailments & reduce the frequency and acuteness of asthmatic attacks.

4. Expectorant and antispasmodic action by Vasa(Adathoda vasica) aids relaxation of bronchial muscles & thus gives sudden relief from bronchial spasms.

5.Swasanandam gulika churnam possess bronchodilatory, mucolytic, & expectorant properties  relieve symptoms of bronchitis like wheezing & breathlessness,

6. Myrrh acts as a stimulating expectorant and decongestant in the respiratory system.


One tablet thrice a day for the first month, Two tablets thrice a day for second month and taper the dose to one tablet thrice a day in the third month or as directed by the physician

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