Obesity care in Ayurveda – Important info here!

You can see tons of information on the internet about losing weight and many diet plans also. You try all of them and are hopeless now, isn’t it? But aren’t they general? How can they help you personally then? Well, we have got a superb idea for you!


Ayurveda tells about the importance of digestion and sleep. If both are disturbed, body metabolism will not be proper and you will get disease conditions.

  • Obesity occurs due to an imbalance in Medo dhatu (fat tissue) in the body making the muscle tissue (Mamsa dhatu) also deranged.

How to know if you are obese?

You are obese when your BMI is greater than 30 kg /m2.

  • You will have difficulty to breathe, do rigorous work and feel heaviness in your body when you are obese.

Of course, you want your body to look more natural and healthier than an obese appearance. When you are in proper body shape, it adds to your confidence. 

What to do if you are obese?

  • Simple! Reduce your weight!
  • Have some warm water in empty stomach.
  • Take some lemon juice mixed with honey.
  • You can add Garcinia extract mixed with your food, it’s a great idea if you mix little pepper, ginger and turmeric also along with this.
  • Do daily workout and breathing exercise for at least half an hour.
  • You should not go behind fried spicy snacks and caffeinated drinks anymore!
  • Add Triphala tea to your evening cup, have fibre rich oats and wheat cookies along with that.
  • You cannot skip your meals, but you can increase fresh watery fruits, vegetable salads and reduce rice, wheat like Carbs in your diet. 
  • You can take bitter gourd juice and paste of Amla and turmeric if you are having Diabetes along with obesity.
  • Have some peaceful sleep also in the meanwhile, never think you are too much tired when going to sleep. Think you are going to rejuvenate your body through sleep and are going to start the next day with all the freshness.
  • You also have to make your mindset adapted to think that you are losing your weight and are getting your healthy weight levels.

Ayurveda says herbal  Kasaya, the decoction tablets, obesity-reducing tablets, and capsules are effective and safe to manage obesity.

 When these medicines are taken along with Ayurvedic home remedies for obesity, the cure is for sure.

What we offer to you?

Bipha with more than 90 years of Ayurvedic legacy is well known for its medicines and herbal supplements.

Ayurvedic medicines like Varanadi kasaya caplet, Navayasa Guggulu tablet, Minuzit capsule, and Garcinia capsule are fantastic medicines helpful to manage your obesity.

Trust Ayurveda; Miracles in your life on the way.