Heat and Headache – The Unknown Relation

As you imagine summer days, you feel the heat and the dehydration. Chill, have a refreshing juice and get out of the headache now.  

Heat and headache are connected. Imagine getting exposed to intense hot rays of the sun. You feel your energy is getting drained, you feel thirst and your skin is dehydrated. Headache also will occur for sure if you are having episodes of specific types of headaches like migraine. If you are getting a tight band tied to your head kind of feeling, this can be due to a tension-type of headache. There can be migraine also in some people. How will you know your type of headache?  

A migraine headache will occur with aura – externally visible colors or without this, yet commonly accompanied with nausea the tendency to vomit or even you may get relief after you vomit.  

If you can get asleep after that, then the intensity of this type of headache may reduce.   

Reasons for headache in summer 

The first reason is taking of excessive hot spicy food – say no to chili sauce at least. This will again increase the heat energy in your body.  

The second reason is too much travelling and exposure to direct sun rays at noon. Reduce your trips in the scorching heat of summer. At least you can save some of the water in your cells. Otherwise, it will also be lost after dehydration.  

The third reason, migraine can run in families. Don’t try to blame diet every time. Even excess partying can give you a migraine-like headache.  

Reduce body heat this summer – the do’ s of diet 

Have more water-rich cucumbers, watermelons –you can also prepare fresh salads with little pepper and salt to balance your digestion.  

Have more coriander seed or Khus root boiled water – this will reduce your body heat considerably.  

Have herbal supplements like Amla and Aloe vera capsules as per your body type. A single daily herb will be enough sometimes for maintaining your health.  

The do’s of lifestyle  

Lifestyle practices of daily regimen ( Dinacharya  ), seasonal regimen (take care of summer routine as of now), yogasanas like Shavasana. Have a positive mindset towards every event in your life. Wait for your time patiently.  

Avoid this food  

Avoid too much hot chilly fried dishes. Too much intake of food will induce indigestion also. Imagine your body getting heated like an overworking television or computer. Make your body rather cool by drinking fruit juices often.   

Say no to an unhealthy lifestyle 

 Late-night awakening watching dramas on your television or mobile is a good thing you can do to get rid of your untimely headache. Who cares what you are doing late at night? Just sleep at the proper time with peace. Reduce the stress load by that way easily.  

Ayurvedic view of heat and headache  

The heat energy Pitta boosts your hunger or digestion and increases metabolism when broadly speaking. Yet in case this energy rises excessively, it harms the body. Excess heat burns the body, right? 

You have to reduce your excessive heat energy to reduce the headache in this situation. Vata the wind energy also needs to be balanced here.  

You have to change your diet and lifestyle for sure shot benefits from Ayurvedic medicines. A little change can be a big leap to good progress in your life.  

Ayurveda treatment for headache  

Shiro abhyanga (medicated oil head massage), Shirolepa (applying medicated paste on head) are two Ayurvedic therapies that are effective in this condition. There are Ayurvedic medicines too which are helpful for you in the long run.  

Bipha healthcare and you  

Bipha healthcare has formulated medicines which are satisfying all standards for quality Ayurvedic healthcare. The medicines are cent per cent natural and free from chemical preservatives. They are also available in patient-friendly convenient forms such as capsules,  Bipha tablets etc.  

Pathyashadangam tablet is an effective polyherbal combination of Triphala , Neem and turmeric that helps to combat all types of upper respiratory tract infections. It is a very effective remedy for all diseases of origin above the neck such as headache, sinusitis, inflammations ear and throat. It corrects the blood flow to the cerebral cortex. It is indicated in pain over the forehead, temporal region and sinusitis and pain after tooth extraction. It reduces blurring of vision and other inflammatory diseases.  

Miobip tablet is an ideal remedy for migraine and vascular headaches. It effectively regulates blood flow to the cerebral cortex to prevent constriction of blood vessels in the head. It corrects the blood flow to the cerebral cortex. It reduces the frequency, severity and duration of migraine by its anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties. Miobip  tablet contains Amla (Amalaki)  Neem (Nimba), Solanum indicum (Brihati), Turmeric (Haridra) and Giloy (Guduchi). This tablet is indicated in migraine, vascular headache and sinusitis. 

Be calm and composed, reduce stress and say no to head ache naturally.