For perfect bowel care– Kaidaryadi Tablet

Do you have increased stress and anxiety  these  days? If you also  have to spend extra time at toilet due to diarrhoea and constipation sometimes , this blog is for you.  The marvellous machine , your body works relentlessly round the clock . Ever wondered how this balance is kept perfect always ? 

Your body has a strong digestive and excretory system which helps to absorb, assimilate and convert food to energy and eject waste and toxins out after filtering effectively. When this is hampered, there arises a syndrome – a group of symptoms showing irritability of your bowel. You can call it as Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  

Symptoms and causes of IBS 

In IBS, you can have abdominal pain or discomfort and altered bowel habits. Sometimes you will feel constipated and some times more watery stools occur making you feel as your defecation is incomplete. Did you also experience fatigue, anxiety or irritability like symptoms?  

Who can get this? Almost all age groups can get this; chances are more for teens and adults under 40 age group. Causes can be diet containing fatty food, caffeinated beverages, and fried foods, excessive use of legumes and stress related to work or sudden changes in life like loss of close relatives. About 60-80 % of women have this syndrome. Hormonal changes related to menstruation like that of progesterone are responsible for this. After all, ladies get tensed easily also, right?  

Doing too much hard work , lifting heavy weights , adopting improper postures during work and rest , also can increase chances of getting IBS. The brain and bowel coordination of signals get disturbed and changes the digestion pattern when you are having IBS.  

When you are stuffing your body with junk foods and soft drinks, skipping meals and thus neglecting your digestion process, this can happen. In this way, you are making your body nutrition also poor.  

This leads to mal absorption in your bowels and indigestion. Irritable bowel also shows abnormal movements of food when reaches the intestines. This causes imbalance in the natural biological rhythm in your body.  

Ayurvedic remedies for IBS  

Ayurveda gives importance to the functioning of your digestive system and digestive power is told in terms of strength of digestive fire called Agni. The metabolic toxins as a result of indigestion get accumulated in your body which is called Ama. So, to restore your Agni and make your digestion smooth again, you have to take more hunger and digestion increasing Ayurvedic medicines and eliminate this Ama out of your body by detoxification. 

  • In wind energy Vata predominant IBS, You will experience more dryness and coldness in your body and constipation. Anxiety and stress also will be high.  
  • You have to adopt a simple diet and  Sattvik lifestyle with Yoga poses like cobra pose, bow pose, cat pose and at least half an hour of peaceful meditation. In the diet, you should include fresh fruits and avoid fried and junk foods. Medicines like Ashtachoornam mixed with ghee are useful for you here. For reducing the abdominal pain , massage with oils like Karpooradi and use hot water bag to relieve stiffness in abdomen .  
  • In fire energy Pitta predominant IBS, more thirst, anger, fever, foul smelling stool and burning sensation while defecating can occur. You can drink coriander seed or Khus root boiled water to reduce this.   
  • In binding Kapha energy predominant IBS, nausea, indigestion, heaviness in abdomen, sluggishness and mucus in the stool are seen. Digestion promoting and toxin eliminating medicines are good for you to take in this condition.  

Tips for controlling IBS  

  • Carminatives like asafoetida and ginger reduces abdominal bloating and gas .Nutmeg also reduces the symptom of diarrhoea.  For constipation, Triphala capsules are the elixir.  
  • Include Ayurvedic spices like black pepper, ginger, and cardamom in your daily diet in adequate amounts.  
  • Aswagandha calms your mind and body promoting sound sleep. You can have Aswagandha capsule a bed time with milk for this.  
  • Massage with sesame oil also benefits a lot if you have IBS. 
  • Medicated buttermilk, takra churned with half buttermilk, half water, asafoetida, rock salt is a wonderful drink for you. This acts as digestive, and improves consistency of your stool. 
  • Increase fibre content in your diet for better digestion and easy excretion   ; fruits like guava, mango, plantain stem, wild yam etc. are also helpful for this. 
  • To reduce stress , practise deep relaxation method. Take deep breath for 20 counts , hold on the breath for 20 counts and release slowly the air inhaled for 20 counts. In between these counts , you should positively visualise getting relieved of your symptoms and proper digestion. Researches show that there is a mind gut relation. You can help your bowels by being mindful when eating and keeping a positive attitude always.  

Bipha healthcare and IBS  

Bipha healthcare contains a range of Ayurvedic classic and patent medicines which are the result of relentless research and innovatory approach of the Bipha in the Ayurveda healthcare.  Bipha has been constantly improving it’s quality of medicines like  Bipha tablets  despite being an Ayurvedic Pharma giant since more than 90 years. Your care is our concern always.  

Bipha healthcare has an exclusive medicine for IBS and all functional gastrointestinal disorders. Kaidaryadi tablet is a herbal blend of Kaidarya , haritaki , patola , shunti , dadima , charngeri like ingredients which are capable of reducing constipation and diarrhoea like associated symptoms effectively.  

Kaidarya ( Murraya koneigii)  an anti-ulcer, anti-helminthic, antioxidant, anti-diarrheal herb in action. Patola( Trichosanthes cucumerina)  and haritaki ( Terminalia chebula) in this formula are anulomana – expelling undigested matter out of the gastrointestinal tract .  

They also ensure proper functioning of healthy bacterial flora in the colon. Charngeri (Oxalis corniculata )and Dadima (pomegranate) have sthabhana property which arrests diarrhoea. Dadima being an anti inflammatory , wound healing herb helps to achieve quick healing of stomach and duodenal ulcer . This medicine is indicated in IBS , constipation , ascites , colitis , flatulence , dysentery and all types of colon inflammation . Give attention to your bowel , stay healthy with  trusted Ayurvedic solutions.