Can Ayurveda treat allergies during summer?

Allergies are one of the major reasons for us to stay apart from many fun-filled moments. A person can exhibit an allergic response as a part of their triggered immune mechanism due to which a chemical called histamine is released. Everyone has a different Prakrthi or dosha predominance as per the Ayurvedic treatise. As per this science, the allergic response is linked to the predominant Prakrthi of the individual. 

Ayurveda believes that accumulation of undigested toxins deteriorates the functioning immune system. Season can also hinder vyadhikshamathva (immunity). Hence, to prevent seasonal allergies, we must follow season-specific diets and regimens. 

You are your doctor 

During the summer season, dust and pollutants enter our windpipe, causing irritation resulting in dry cough. If we want to strengthen our immune system, we must adapt our lifestyle and diet accordingly. Here are some tips for you. 

1.Eat a light diet, warm and fresh. 

2.Avoid excess use of dairy products 

3.Avoid greasy, oily and fried foods as it can hinder digestion. 

4.Stay hydrated. 

  1. Panaka with fresh seasonal fruits like mango, grapes, sugarcane etc. along with cardamom and black pepper is what the body craves.
  2. Turmeric with milk (golden milk) is also found to be effective in regulating allergic responses.
  3. Avoid carbonated and bottled soft drinks.
  4. Practice gentle exercises and pranayama daily.

Agasthyavyoshadi lehyam 

An excellent Ayurvedic product which is an age-old herbal formula for various respiratory illnesses and can also be used as a first-choice recommendation to boost respiratory immunity. Major ingredients include dasamoola, thalisapathram, thrikatu etc. 1 tsp twice daily is the dosage. 


Asthma is one of the most common allergic conditions that hinder the day-to-day life of an individual. Asthmacure tablet is a perfect ayurvedic product which is a combination of swasanandam gulika ,vasa, tulsi, long pepper etc. 

Big Cig tablet 

Smoking is one of the major culprits which can affect your health, especially respiratory health. Bigcig which is a non- nicotin-based unique combination of dried ginger, vacha, tulsi etc,helps to reduce your craving to smoke and gradually helps you to quit smoking yourself. 

Nimbarajanyadi tablet 

It is a herbal blend of nimba, haridra, maricha, thalisapathra etc. It regulates immune mechanism and thus relieves allergic responses and related symptoms. 

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