How to reduce your sudden stomach pain at night?

You have experienced gas trouble suddenly at midnight after a heavy party, at least once in your lifetime, right?

You could not do anything rather than drinking some warm water and trying to sleep somehow. If you were given an Ayurvedic tablet beforehand, wouldn't you feel happy?

                          WE CARE FOR YOU, LET’S SEE HOW?

  • You know, you are taking a lot of mixed types of foods every day.
  • Your hectic schedules are making you skip your breakfast, run behind the local transport early in the morning.
  • When the world is changing, your activities are also getting fast and out of control.
  • This stress is your first problem. Hold on there, we will suggest you some tips.

You know Ayurveda, the ancient healing system is made for your wellbeing?

Yes, this system says your body and mind are interconnected. Just calm your mind, take a deep breath. Now read the following with interest.

  • When the metabolic fire energy in your body, The Agni gets problematic, you start getting gas trouble, sour belching, stomach pain, and constipation-like symptoms.

So how to restore your Agni?

  • Take a pledge you will eat at correct time and never skip your breakfast.
  • You have to start including ginger boiled water, pepper, cinnamon and turmeric in your diet.
  • You have to reduce your fried and heavy food consumption.
  • This becomes more effective when you begin to practice simple Yoga poses and work out daily.
  • You can also include herbal supplements like Amla 60 capsules if you intend to strengthen your body also. This will also cure your electrolyte imbalances and is good for indigestion relief.

Which Ayurveda medicines can help you?

Ayurveda can help you to keep your digestive health by a single tablet,


  • You feel bloating and pain in your stomach when you have indigestion.
  • You may also feel not to eat and tastelessness due to this. Sometimes, diarrhea and back pain also are found together as your symptoms.

What is so special about this medicine?

Hingu , the Asafetida opens up your clogged body channels and increases your digestive power. It is highly effective as it is a purified version.

Vacha, Acorus calamus, the herb which promotes a clear mind and speech also helps Hingu in this process.

Besides, Vijaya -Terminalia chebula

Ajagandha - Cleome gynandra   

Dadima - Punica granatum

Dipyaka  - Tachyspermum ammi

Dhanyaka - Coriandrum sativum

Patha - Cyclea peltata

Pushkara - Inula racemosa

Shati -Hedychium spicatum

Hapusha - Sphaeranthus indicus

Agni - Plumbago zeylanica

Types of alkaline ash called Yava kshara and


Saindhava Lavana - rock salt

Souvarchala Lavana -sochel salt

Trikatu (pepper, ginger, long pepper)

Ajaji -Cuminum cyminum

Chavya - Piper chabum

Tinduka - Diospyros malabarica

Vetasamla -Garcinia pedunculata are part of this wonderful medicine. This will be your perfect remedy for abdominal gas and indigestion. It is a fact that Ayurvedic formulations are deeply enriched with the goodness of potent and are apt for your overall health also. When you are using this as powdered form, dose is 1 to 3 g once or twice a day with buttermilk or warm water.

Since you are opting Bipha Healthcare’s tablet form, you are getting an easy-to-consume form of medicine.

Cheers for that, you can this tablet as it is after your food twice a day.

You can skip this if you are having high BP, pregnancy.

In all other situations, this tablet is highly recommended by Ayurvedic experts too.

If You Have a Will, There Is a Way. Have the Will for a Strong Health, Get That Right Away Through Us.