Complete immunity tips in a single blog!

You need some immunity or more and more immunity?

  • If your need is to know the best ever known immunity tips in Ayurveda, stay tuned here.
  • In the pandemic era, we all have known the importance of spices like ginger, pepper, cinnamon in our routine.
  • Knowingly or unknowingly, you are using them daily also. What extra piece of advice you need?

Want to know what real ayurveda says about immunity? 

  • Ayurveda says that, you can have natural immunity by birth or as a response to disease microbe, or even by consuming immunity boosting diet and lifestyle.
  • Ayurveda says, you can boost immunity by increasing your Ojas, the vital energy in your body.

How to increase Ojas?

  • If you do not have Diabetes, lactose intolerance, or excess cholesterol levels, you can add more milk and ghee in your diet.
  • Add some jaggery, sweet fruits also to your daily diet.

So, what if you are having lifestyle disorders?

You only have to make slight changes in these tips.

  • Add turmeric to fat free milk and then you can safely take.
  • You can have sugar free Ayurvedic immunity boosters, Kadha prepared with Cinnamon, ginger, Tulsi, pepper.
  • You can have Ayush kwath tablet of Bipha Healthcare for better results.
  • If you have obesity and excess cholesterol levels, you can have lemon juice mixed with honey in the morning.

Never give up. You can achieve immunity.

  • Tell everyone to have tulsi tea, ginger tea, green tea on alternate days.
  • You can never skip your daily dose of immunity boosting.
  • You can have a glass of Amla juice daily and most importantly you can begin your daily schedule by gargling with turmeric and slightly warm salt water.
  • To prevent sneezing and breathing troubles, you can apply one drop of sesame oil on your nostrils in the morning and evening.

What type of diet and lifestyle you can have?

  • For immunity building, you need to include fresh, easy-to-digest grains, pulses like green gram, and herbs which are having an anti-aging Rasayana
  • You can practice Yog asana like Savasana, Ardha padmasana daily and improve your sleep by adding Ashwagandha supplement before bed routine.
  • Get charge of your own destiny by avoiding worry about the future.
  • Be tension free always.

Among rasayanas , Chyavanaprasa is on the top most effective medicine list.

For Diabetes, Shilajith  , Turmeric and Amla are ideal rasayanas .

For obesity and Joint pain related diseases, Guggulu is effective.

For digestion related diseases, pepper, ginger and long pepper (Trikatu ) are beneficial.

For urinary system related health issues, Punarnava is effective.

For cholesterol related diseases, garlic is more than good for regular consumption.

For your fever and associated problems, Guduchi can help you. And, for all general health issues, triphala is the answer. 

See the endless list of most suitable selective herbs in ayurveda, really interesting!  Ayurveda is the only versatile medicinal wisdom for your wellness.

We at Bipha Healthcare are committed to bring change in your lives, our capsules are the only best answer for you ever available.

Yes, that’s the simple truth revealed.