Varanadi Kashaya 60 Tablet - An Effective Kapha -medohara (Anti- hyperlipidaemic) formula

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An Ayurvedic caplet prepared from the herbal extracts of  Varanadi Kashaya; A polyherbal formulation for the management of diseases of Kaphaja (natural humor of body) such as weight management, rheumatic inflammations, skin diseases, headache, sinusitis etc. Enhances proper digestion and promotes proper fat metabolism; thus effectively reduces weight gain.


1.An Ayurvedic caplet made from classical decoction known as Varanadi Kashaya; with key ingredients as Varuna (Crateava nurvala ), Sahachara (Nilgirianthus ciliates), Sigru (Moringa oleifera) etc.

2.Relieves headache, migraine sinusitis, rheumatic inflammations etc.

3.Helps in weight management; Improves digestive strength & reduces high cholesterol levels.

4.Provides relief from bloating and abdominal distension by promoting proper digestion.

5.Anti-inflammatory and anti-lipidaemic property helps in the management of PCOD(Polycystic Ovarian Diseases) & thyroid problems.


Two caplets twice daily before food 

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