Varanadi Kashaya 60 Tablet - An Effective Kapha -medohara (Anti- hyperlipidaemic) formula

MRP: Incl. of all taxes

Rs. 380

The formulation of Varanadi tablets is mentioned in the Ayurveda text, Sahasrayogam. The herbal solution is excellent as an anti-hyperlipidaemic and is effective as a Kapha-medohara. 

Ingredients - What Does It Contain?

  1. Varuna 
  2. Sahachara 
  3. Saireyaka 
  4. Satavari 
  5. Chithraka 
  6. Murva 
  7. Bilva 
  8. Iswara Mooli 
  9. Brihati 
  10. Kantakari 
  11. Karanja 
  12. Chirabilwa 
  13. Agnimantha 
  14. Harithaki 
  15. Sigru 
  16. Dharba 
  17. Bhallathaka   

Benefits - What’s In It For You?    

  • Helps treat cough, bronchitis and headache 
  • Relieves indigestion and abdominal tumours 
  • Fights obesity 
  • Supports in curing hernia   

How To Use    

Two caplets twice a day or as directed by the physician. 

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