Tharamandooram 90 Tablet - An effective remedy for Acidity and Gastritis

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A herbal blend of Triphala, Thrikadu (Ginger, pepper & long pepper) & Mandoora bhasma (Ferrous oxide) provide relief from acidity, heartburn, gastritis & anaemia


1. A herbal remedy for Acidity and associated symptoms such as nausea, heartburn,bulching, colic and lack of taste.

2. Presence of  Triphala & thrikadu processed in cow's urine helps to regulate stomach pH and beneficially alters acid-mucus balance. thus relieves gastric irritation and heartburn.

3.Presence of Triphala which is efficient in detoxifying the body; the richness of antioxidants in Triphala supports the bowel health, digestion process and helps in detoxification.

4.Thrikadu (Ginger, pepper & long pepper) enable proper digestion of food and increases the bioavailability of nutrients.

5.Mandur bhasma has hepatoprotective characteristics and act as a natural source of Iron; thus combat anaemia.


2 Tablets twice daily before food

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