Rasabragulgulu 100 Tablets - An Ayurvedic blood purifier aids for skin diseases and arthritis

MRP: Incl. of all taxes

Rs. 640

Rasabhragulgulu tablets are herbal solutions that help clear skin impurities and act as an anti-inflammatory compoundIt helps combat dermatological disorders as well. Their formulation is mentioned in the classical text Bhaisajya Ratnavali. 

Ingredients - What Does It Contain?    

  1. Rasa 
  2. Gandhaka 
  3. Loha Bhasma 
  4. Abhrak Bhasma 
  5. Gulgulu 
  6. Shunti 
  7. Maricha 
  8. Pippali 
  9. Vidanga 
  10. Nagapushpam 
  11. Trivrith 
  12. Danthi 
  13. Indravaruni 
  14. Triphala 
  15. Guduchi 

Benefits - What’s In It For You?    

  • Fights skin diseases 
  • Helps prevent Gout and Ascitis 
  • Removes fistula and kidney stones 
  • Helps fight abnormal lymph size 
  • Supports in conditions like Vitiligo, Goitre, Scrofula 

How To Use    

Two tablets twice daily or as directed by the physician. 


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