Padhyashadangam 90 tablets - A traditional remedy for migraine and vascular head ache

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Tablet prepared from the herbal extracts of Pathyashadangam Kashaya; Relieves migraine and vascular headache. Reduces the acuteness and frequency of migraine attacks.Also soothes toothache, earache etc. Helps to relieve inflammatory diseases of the eye and improves vision. 


1.A traditional ayurvedic formula for migraine and vascular headache.

2. Aids for Sinusitis, chronic infections of ear nose and throat, allergic rhinitis, all types of headache, migraine, eye diseases such as blurring of vision & other inflammatory diseases.

3.Contains Triphala, Turmeric and Neem: by its antiinflammatory, antioxidant & antimicrobial properties combat respiratory infections and cleanses the airways. This helps to improve respiration, thereby efficiently lessening migraines.


Two tablets twice daily before food 

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