Hinguvachadi 100 Tablets - An effective remedy for Abdominal gas and Indigestion

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Referenced in the classical Ayurveda text Sahasrayogam, Hinguvachadi preparation includes tablets prepared from the herbal extracts of the Hinguvachadi choornam. This one is effectively valuable in treating abdominal gas and digestive disorders.

Ingredients - What Does It Contain?    

  1. Hingu 
  2. Vacha 
  3. Harithaki 
  4. Eswari 
  5. Dadima 
  6. Ajamoda 
  7. Dhanyakam 
  8. Patha 
  9. Kushta 
  10. Sati 
  11. Mundi 
  12. Chithraka 
  13. Yavaksharam 
  14. Sauvarchala 
  15. Saindhava Lavana 
  16. Vida Lavana 
  17. Shunti 
  18. Maricha 
  19. Pippali 
  20. Chavyam 
  21. Chincha 
  22. Amlavedasam

Benefits - What’s In It For You?    

  • Helps prevent and remove digestive disorders 
  • Assists in overcoming dyspesia, dyspnoea, cough and pain in the flanks

How To Use   

Two tablets twice daily before food or as directed by the physician. 

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