The Working of Herbal Aphrodisiac: The Ayurvedic Way

A herbal aphrodisiac works a long way in boosting your health and wellness goals. As part of the age-old Ayurveda process, aphrodisiacs offer an influential role in increasing your desire and performance. Learn more about the role of natural aphrodisiacs in promoting vitality and vigour.  

Aphrodisiac - An Ayurvedic Perspective  

Let’s take a look at how aphrodisiacs work from an Ayurvedic perspective. A special dedicated section of Ayurveda exists to boost the libido, vitality and immunity of a human being. It is popularly known as Vajikarana and could be implemented using herbs or aphrodisiacs.  

You can adjust your diet, fluids and mental and emotional states in such a way as to nourish and boost overall sexual energy. Herbal aphrodisiac recipes in Ayurveda work more on the principles of the formation of the emotional bond rather than physical intimacy.  

How Will Ayurvedic Aphrodisiacs Work?  

The working process of Ayurveda Aphrodisiacs is quite simple and easy to comprehend. Once you consume a supplement or herb that works as a natural aphrodisiac, it will enter your system and increase your libido. Your libido is a concept that affects multiple dimensions within your energy being - whether it be mind, body, spirit or emotions.  

This is where the relevance of the Ayurveda niche shapes up by supporting the harmonising of energies and driving a positive emotional bond in relationships. All the contributing factors to your vigour and vitality will be positively measured and managed with the help of disciplined aphrodisiac intake.   

The popular herbs you can consume to boost the aphrodisiac effects within you are Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Aloe vera, Kumari, Ginseng, Methi, Saffron, Clove, Sage, etc. Some proven aphrodisiac foods (fruits and ingredients) that can do the same are chocolate, avocados, chilli peppers, honey, pomegranates, watermelons, oysters, pista, nuts and berries.  

Introducing Prolon-G  

Apart from the items mentioned above, other supplements and ingredients also exist. The ideal one in this category is Prolon-G from Bipha Healthcare. It serves as a working aphrodisiac with rave reviews and testimonials generated from customers until the time of this writing.  

Prolon-G is a herbal formulation that includes top ingredients like Kapikatchu, Ashwagandha, Shilajith, Kokilaksha, Atibala, Krishnamusli, Shatavari, Trikatu and Triphala. The solution is excellent for boosting your wellness with a showcase of revitalizing and rejuvenative properties. It follows the Rasayana preparation formulation with credible support offered to raise sperm count and quality.  

Wrapping Up  

Though natural supplements are herbal remedies with no side effects, it is better to use them with assistance from healthcare consultants for items like aphrodisiacs. This owes to the fact that dosage and timing of consumption of aphrodisiac drugs matter irrespective of the herbal ingredients that constitute the formulation.