Tasty Summer Special – Health Drinks

The summer, the heat, everything is the hot topic in your circles. How you tolerate and find solutions to your summer tales is indeed unique as per your own choices. Some just complain about how exhausting sunrays are and how much energy they are losing day by day. The season of summer has strong wind and sun rays which take your energy away and your loss much water through sweating also.  Basically, you have to maintain water levels in your body properly and have a strong digestive system too.  

You can think of a solution to this, that’s better.  Want to have some smart choices? Can't you try some special summer drinks to cool your body instead of roaming around in the afternoon heat? Take some rest. You don’t need a recipe book for this. You know these already. Anyways give these a try for sure. Your kids may love it! Help them stay hydrated always.   

These wonderful health drinks are herbal, taken straight from nature, always adaptable, safe, and convenient choice, right? Ayurveda mentioned these drinks millions of years ago in a classical text called Ashtanga Hridaya. It is even now applicable easily in practical life. You will wonder how keenly they have described the qualities and even preparation methods of these recipes long ago with such clarity. This sounds pretty interesting, right? Take a look at these.  

Sizzling summer drinks for you – the health perspective 

Coconut water  

Nature's essence customized and included in vitamin, electrolyte, mineral rich coconut water, yes, it's also appreciated as being cool, cleansing abdomen, bowels and nourishing the whole body. This natural drink is advisable for stomach and urinary system related troubles also.  

Amla juice  

Full of vitamin C and elements like Iron, magnesium etc. , amla also reduces acidity and improves the skin tone and Lustre of the hair. Amla juice is also a rejuvenating drink to have daily. Even diabetes patients can also take amla juice without sugar and by adding a pinch of turmeric in it.  


Light to digest, promotes appetite and digestion, buttermilk is an all-time favorite drink advocated by Ayurvedic classics. It is also capable of reducing bowel troubles like irritable bowel disease owing to its healing property.  

Sugarcane juice  

Sweet as always, sugarcane juice has the unique property to increase urine output and is highly advisable in urinary obstruction. Sugar cane juice is satisfying and heavy to digest. A proper quantity of juice is nourishing to the body, helping you to gain body weight also.  

Coriander seeds boiled water  

Coriander seed is cooling in nature helping you to decrease the summer heat in your body. Coriander and Vetiver root boiled water can be your ideal choice for drinking water in the scorching summer season. These can also be used to wash your face to keep it hydrated throughout the day.  

Vetiver water  

Vetiver water is aromatic, soothing and cleansing in nature. You can have tasty sugary sharbat also with this herb. Vetiver is also famous for its heat reducing attributes.  


Last but not least, and the most common and important of all season favorite drink is lemonade. Known in different names worldwide, lemonade varieties contain citrus essence, sugar and salt as common ingredients. Indian digestive herbs like pepper, ginger, cinnamon etc. are added in little quantity to make a spicy lemonade version which is super yummy and helpful for your smooth digestion.  

Dos in summer diet  

  • Light to digest, water rich fresh fruits and vegetables are good to take. 
  •  An adequate number of spices like turmeric, pepper, and rock salt can also be added to your summer recipes 

It’s a no for these foods  

  • Curd, heavy to digest meat, fried and hot, spicy junk foods.  

Dos in summer lifestyle  

  • Light yoga, exercises, refreshing shower and mediation after that for half an hour. This will reduce your inner body heat and correct your sleep cycle.  

Say no to this unhealthy lifestyle  

  • Late night partying without proper food or excess food in between, too much stress in your mind, negative attitude to life – these can ruin your health also. 
  •  Just chill and move on. Seasons will change, so is life! 

Summer and Bipha healthcare  

Ayurveda says, diet in summer should be light and digestion promoting. Ayurvedic medicines like  Deepani tablet and Hinguvachadi tablet are made foreseeing your seasonal needs also. These medicines are part of a digestion-promoting, metabolism regulating spectrum of Ayurvedic medicines and are potent formulations which are time-tested . Free from synthetic preservatives and cent percent natural, Ayurvedic healthcare is safe in the hands of Bipha healthcare.  

Hinguvachadi tablet- this tablet is having  hingu (asafoetida), Vacha (Acorus calamus )Haritaki (Chebulic myrobalan) like ingredients that reduce abdominal gas, indigestion, increases appetite and promotes digestion. Hinguvachadi is known to give fast relief for gastrointestinal disorders and is suitable if you have tastelessness, indigestion, abdominal gas, abdominal colic etc.  The hingu is having antimicrobial properties and rock salt in this formulation increases the bioavailability of nutrients and helps to keep the electrolyte balance in the body properly. 

Deepani tablet- the appetite inducing tablet contains cumin, ginger, pepper, coriander, ajwain, leadwort and many other herbal ingredients.   Deepani is a powerful tool for gastrointestinal troubles. It is a unique combination of Hinguvachadi and Vaiswanara chooornas.  Deepani tablet is an Ayurvedic remedy for improper digestion and malabsorption.  It boosts digestion process by proper production of digestive enzymes. Being a natural appetizer Deepani tablet is able to reduce all issues related to digestion in the body.  

You are the guardian of your health, love your body and mind and pamper it with natural power of herbs. This will make you strong internally and externally in every season. Stand strong to protect yourself with Ayurvedic wisdom.