Tackle Depression and Emotional Stress with Ayurveda Solutions

Every human being is prone to conditions like emotional stress and depression at some point in their life. It is no wonder, unlike physical illness, emotional problems need more time to discover and overcome.  

This post is a take on numerous nervous debilities like depression and stress that exist in people and remedial measures in Ayurveda to tackle them.  

The Concept of Depression and Emotional Stress According to Ayurveda  

The depression issues in Ayurveda could be in various categories, arising from Vata, Pitta and Kapha imbalances.  

  • Pitta-type depression - Major disappointment leads to this kind of depression and originates from losing jobs or relationships. The symptoms here could be higher irritability, self-accusation, a sense of guilt or failure, suicidal thoughts, faking it in front of others and unnecessary aggression.  
  • Vata-type depression - Trauma, shock and loss are the factors that contribute to this kind of depression. You will be easily reduced to tears and will suffer from conditions like insomnia, fear, anxiety, restlessness, hallucinations and excessive talking. Some physical symptoms concerning weight and body pain will also be in this type.  
  • Kapha-type depression - Lifestyle problems are the ones that cause Kapha-type depression. Here, the signs of depression could be issues with sleep, speech and thoughts, sluggishness, apathy, overeating and lack of self-esteem. 

How To Tackle Depression using Natural Remedies?  

The most popular herbal remedies that Ayurveda offers to help support your fight against nervous debility, depression and emotional stress are as follows:  

Ayurveda Therapies  

For dealing with depression and stress symptoms, the best-proven solution Ayurveda offers is remedial therapies. They are:  

  1. Abhyangam (body massage for blood circulation) 
  2. Padabhyangam (stimulation of nerve and pressure points) 
  3. Nasyam (nasal Panchakarma therapy) 
  4. Pizhichil (squeezing of warm medicated oils) 
  5. Kizhi (removal of oxidative stress) 
  6. Shirodhara (healing massage using medicated oils)  

In nervous debility treatment, the ideal option is to go for the assistance of Ayurvedic practitioners with credible expertise in the domain. You may undergo any of these procedures feasibly at Bipha Life Ayurveda Centre in Kottayam. 

Natural Herbs  

Herbs always find a way to make an impact on your health and wellness goals. The same applies to treating stress and depression symptoms too. Herbs for helping heal your nervous debility issues are Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Vacha, Bhringaraj, Jatamasi, Gotu Kola, Satavari, Punarnava, Vidari, Erandum, Kandakari and Sariba.   

You may consume various tablets, dietary supplements, herbal formulations and tonics to relieve stress and depression symptoms. Bipha Healthcare’s Jeevaniya tablets (Ayurvedic patent and proprietary medicines) are great, natural solutions for helping this cause.   

Since it is a supplement, you have to consider it as a backup measure (combined with lifestyle changes, mindful development and personal/professional progress) to your goal of stress relief.   

Preventive & Curative Measures  

While dealing with depression or stressful conditions, various remedial measures could work. It could be either in preventive mode or curative or therapeutic mode, depending on your particular scenario.  

The preventive care techniques for diet control, physical movement, social activities, different medications, mental exercises, etc. As part of therapeutic remedies, you may use techniques like bio-cleansing therapy, avoidance of risk-inducing factors, various purgation or shodhana processes and employing medicinal herbs and plants. 

Tips & Techniques to Follow if You Are Feeling Depressed  

Listed below are the tips and techniques that will allow you to overcome depression, emotional stress and nervous debility symptoms.  

  • If your vital life force is in its optimum vibration, then stress cannot touch you. Focusing on conscious and mindful breathing will help you relieve these problems.  
  • Dietary modifications should be made with the help of a dietician, nutritionist, therapist or general physician.  
  • Connection helps. Stay positively connected to your social circle (friends and family) to receive the best long-standing and impactful solution for your nervous debility issues.  
  • Be aware of hereditary damages related to mental health and specific traumatic situations that you are undergoing in your life and career.  
  • Few illnesses and medications could cause harm to your mental health. Stay on top of those related troubles with the help of a professional healthcare expert or your doctor.  
  • You should try and be willing to learn and know about the risk factors, clinical diagnosis, pathology and techniques for healing (preventive and therapeutic) to deal with nervous debility at its worst. 

Final Thoughts  

There is no need to feel ashamed about depression symptoms or stress. It’s completely normal to feel low at times, and sometimes, a rebound won’t be as quick as you want. But stay positive and never give up. You will overcome every nervous debility symptom that is bothering you in good time.