Strengthen Your Respiratory System with Agasthya Vyoshadi Lehyam

The holistic approach of Ayurveda understands the impact our environment has on our health.  Its decades-old wisdom is still relevant due to its holistic approach to healing and wellness that aims at the well-being of body, mind, and spirit, all combined. It is achieved by a personalized treatment strategy that takes into consideration your body type, lifestyle, and medical history. 

Climate change can have a significant impact on respiratory health, and it is essential to take steps to reduce exposure to these environmental factors in order to protect respiratory health.

Here are some common respiratory discomforts that can be caused due to the current environment:

  1. Allergies: Environmental allergens such as pollen, dust, and mold can trigger allergic reactions in some people, leading to respiratory discomforts such as sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes.
  2. Bronchitis: Exposure to air pollution or irritants such as cigarette smoke can cause inflammation of the bronchial tubes, leading to bronchitis. Symptoms of bronchitis include coughing, chest congestion, and shortness of breath.
  3. Sinusitis: Environmental factors such as air pollution and allergens can cause inflammation of the sinus lining, leading to sinusitis. Symptoms include nasal congestion, facial pain, and headache.

    While these situations are not completely avoidable we can always incorporate remedies to strengthen respiratory health. 

    The power of Ayurveda to protect respiratory health 

    India is the homeland of Ayurveda, and ayurvedic practices have trickled down to be an inseparable part of our Indian households. Adding a pinch of pepper to your black coffee, turmeric to a cup of warm milk, or simply nibbling a fresh tulsi leaf, all these practices trace us back to our roots connected with Ayurveda.  These remedies include completely natural ingredients that are readily available and safe to use.

    Below listed are some Ayurvedic home remedies that can help improve respiratory health:

    • Steam inhalation: Steam inhalation is a simple and effective way to open up respiratory passages and relieve congestion. Boil water in a pot, and then transfer it to a bowl. Place a towel over your head and inhale the steam for 10-15 minutes. You can also add eucalyptus oil or other essential oils, tulsi leaves to the water for added benefits.
    • Ginger tea: Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help to reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract. Drinking ginger tea can also help to clear mucus and relieve congestion. To make ginger tea, boil a few slices of fresh ginger in water for 10-15 minutes, strain the tea, and add honey if desired.
    • Honey and black pepper: Honey is a natural cough suppressant and can help to soothe sore throats, while black pepper has natural antibacterial properties. Mix a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of black pepper in warm water or tea, and drink it twice a day to relieve cough and sore throat.

    Agasthya Vyoshadi Lehyam is a powerful Ayurvedic medicine for breathing difficulty and is used to improve respiratory health. It is made from a combination of herbs and natural ingredients that work together to strengthen the respiratory system, alleviate symptoms of respiratory illnesses, and improve overall lung function. Its key ingredients include: 

    • Ginger: Ginger is an effective herb for improving respiratory health due to its anti-inflammatory, cough suppressant, immune-boosting, expectorant, and muscle-relaxant properties. Ginger contains compounds called gingerols and shogaols, which have natural anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds can help to reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract, which can relieve symptoms of respiratory illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis. 
    •  Pepper is one of the most commonly used spices for improving respiratory health due to its anti-inflammatory induced by piperine, decongestant, digestive, antimicrobial, and circulation-boosting properties. 
    • Long pepper is also known as pippali contains a compound called piperlongumine, which has natural anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known for its expectorant, immune-boosting, anti-asthmatic, and digestive properties.
    • Chavya is also an important ingredient in this medicine, as it helps to strengthen the immune system and fight off respiratory infections. This is especially important in the current global pandemic, as COVID-19 primarily attacks the respiratory system and weakens the immune system.
    • Jaggery, another important ingredient  helps manage cough and cold as it  acts as a natural cleansing agent of the lungs. It helps to clean the respiratory passages and helps ease breathing.

     Agasthya Vyoshadi Lehyam is an effective Ayurvedic medicine for cough and cold. Its semi-solid formulation and non-sedative property make it easier for consumption even for younger ones. It also acts as a phlegm expectorant, respiratory toner and has prominent cough reducing properties.

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