Seeking Herbal Non-Smoking Support? Try Our Big Cig

It’s hard to find an addiction that is nearly impossible to quit as much as smoking. How to quit smoking? Once you get into the web of smoking habits, escaping from it feels like climbing an unconquerable mountain. It takes an indomitable spirit to get out of your smoking habits.  

Though several remedies exist to ensure quitting the smoking habit, most of them are false promises only. The best option is to choose proven natural tips to stop smoking as they have no side effects.  

The Problem of Smoking - Exclusive Tips  

The problem of smoking is a critical one as it causes numerous health issues and serious harm to your body. Whether it is smoking or any other addiction, the primary reason is mental stress, as per Ayurveda. It could happen to any of the doshas - Vata, Pitta, Kapha.  

Some of the exclusive natural strategies to deal with your smoking problem include the direct use of herbs like Valerian, Catnip, Oat seed, Lobelia, Green tea, Ginseng and Hyssop. The best solution is to gradually decrease your smoking frequency and arrive at a stage where you don’t feel the cravings anymore.  

Once you proceed with the principle of quit smoking, benefits are numerous for your body, mind and life in general. 

Will Herbal Solutions Work in Smoking Cessation?  

Yes, herbal formulations will work if you set your expectations right. Herbal remedies do not guarantee the treatment of your smoking symptoms. You have to put in the effort yourself. Mindset matters in this scenario. A no-smoking sign should be fixed in your mind.  

When the craving arises, either consume the supplement or reduce triggers using techniques like chewing carrots, exercising and relaxing, eating foods containing Vitamin C and engaging in meditation. 

Bipha Big Cig - Ayurvedic Formulation to Quit Smoking  

The Big Cig supplements from Bipha Healthcare are herbal solutions in Ayurveda that help you quit smoking. The natural remedy exists in supplement format and is proven in supporting your fight to reduce the smoking tendency and help you control the habit.  

Big Cig is a patent and proprietary medicine from Bipha that includes natural ingredients like sunthi, tvak, tulsi, jathi phala, vacha, ela and lavanga. You may seek the help of a doctor or healthcare professional before proceeding with this smoking cessation supplement consumption.  

Let’s Conclude  

For dealing with a condition like smoking, the biggest factor that matters is your desire and self-motivation to quit it. No remedy or supplement can top this feature. Follow a ‘quit smoking’ timeline with discipline to achieve your goal. You can only consume the supplements as a backup support to the major steps of essential lifestyle changes and willpower to stop smoking.