Respiratory Infections: Symptoms and Natural Remedies

The human respiratory system is divided into two parts - the upper respiratory tract and the lower respiratory tract. The upper part consists of the nose, throat, nasal system and sinuses. The lower tract includes the lungs, bronchi, trachea and larynx.

This post briefly covers respiratory system infections and the natural remedies to resolve them. Hop in to know details about the various respiratory disorders, symptoms and a natural remedy for cough, cold and other respiratory illnesses.

A Brief on Respiratory Infections

Respiratory infections have been well-documented over the years and are common in people. Stats show that every living person suffers some sort of respiratory illness in their lifetime, mostly cough, cold and sore throat.

The problem occurs when those symptoms frequently occur or become serious affecting vital organs. For example, if you ignore the natural remedy for sore throat, it might turn into a chronic disorder (rheumatic fever or kidney inflammation).

Herbal remedies are available to treat all respiratory illnesses, and they offer impactful results in the long term. Ayurveda has the perfect answer for treating respiratory infections.

Symptoms of Respiratory Infections

Most cases of respiratory infections will portray some sort of symptoms. The most prevalent respiratory infection symptoms are recurring cough, throat allergy, nasal congestion, formation of mucus in excess, runny nose, scratchy throat, mild fever, sneezing and breathing troubles.

Less frequent symptoms include body aches, bad breath, itchy eyes and sensory shifts in taste, smell and hearing. There are proven occurrences with no reported symptoms too.

Listed below in the table are the respiratory infections that are most prevalent among people.



Chest Infections

Obstructive Pulmonary Disease




Pulmonary Fibrosis


Cystic Fibrosis

Inflammation in the respiratory organs

General Pulmonary Disorders


Lung Cancer

Sleep Apnea

Most of the above respiratory disorders show general traits of upper respiratory infection and its common symptoms. They can be treated using Ayurveda.

Natural Remedies for Respiratory Infections

The best natural remedies for respiratory infections are as follows:

Herbs, Supplements and Ayurveda Formulations

The most renowned Ayurveda techniques to overcome respiratory disorders include herbs, supplements and classical formulations.

Tulsi, Vasaka, Gokshura, Gambhari, Patala, Syonaka, Agnimantha, Brihati, Trikatu and Bilva are all examples in the category of herbs.

An effective Ayurveda supplement to help treat respiratory infections include Bipha Agasthya Vyoshadi Lehyam. It is in the form of jam, and this herbal formulation is known to relieve all sorts of respiratory tract infections.

Agasthya Vyoshadi is an excellent remedy for dealing with the common cold, cough and allergic infections. It helps ease your breathing and clears the respiratory passage.

Tablets like Nimbarajanyadi and Dasamoolakaduthrayam are good for treating respiratory infections. These are patent and proprietary formulations from Bipha that work in respiratory wellness.

They can help you overcome conditions like cough, chest pain, back pain, fever and breathing allergies.


Believe it or not, respiratory wellness starts from hygiene. Wash your hands frequently and not just before and after meals. While experiencing basic symptoms like sneezing, coughing or runny nose, use a tissue or handkerchief.


Most respiratory infections occur from changes in your lifestyle. Do not undermine the value of diet, hydration and sleep while dealing with respiratory disorders.

Avoid contact with the infected, as most of these infections spread among people. Remove bad habits like smoking from your life.

Professional Help

It is more like a self-help tip rather than a natural remedy for respiratory illness. Check-in with your healthcare professional consistently.

Get adequate treatment, even for less harmful symptoms, as they might become more severe if you ignore them.

In a Nutshell

Even if the symptoms are infrequent and the infection seems less severe, you still have to get the necessary treatment with the assistance of a certified healthcare professional. Herbal remedies are the best way to go and offer you optimum respiratory health and wellness.