Relieve Piles and Related Symptoms Using Selip

Haemorrhoids, also known as piles, are a critical condition that affects most adults at some point in their lives. These are simply the swelling of veins that occur in your anus or lower rectum.  

Piles is a condition that requires urgent treatment, and here, we will discuss about the Ayurvedic formulation called Selip (piles relief tablets and syrup) that takes care of all your piles-related symptoms.  

Piles and Related Symptoms: An Ayurveda Perspective  

Constipation is the primary reason that causes haemorrhoids. Lack of exercise, consumption of junk food and malnourishment of fiber content may all lead to the development of piles symptoms. Swelling precisely happens on the blood vessels in the anal canal. It could lead to the rupture of these blood vessels causing bleeding in your anus.  

From the Ayurvedic perspective, the condition of haemorrhoids can be explained as follows. Wrong eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle practices can cause weak digestive power (Mandagni). Variations in Vata dosha (vatik arsha) could also occur from the above lifestyle.  

Consumption of dry food (ruksha aahar) and stale food can cause poor digestion weakening your agni. People with mandagni cannot consume spicy foods as it might lead to pittaj arsha. Similarly, avoid sweets that can lead to kaphaj arsha. The list of piles relief food usually includes whole grains, artichokes, legumes, bell peppers, pears, apples, celery, raspberries, bananas and lots of fluids.  

In terms of haemorrhoid conditions, vatik arsha causes pain, pittaj arsha causes bleeding, and kaphaj arsha causes itching. Thus, we can conclude that mandagni and the corresponding dosha disorders are the primary issues leading to piles.   

To relieves piles and related symptoms, the optimum route is for the infected person to get rid of their vatik, paitik and kaphaj arshas. Certain solutions for removing piles troubles naturally include avoidance of trigger foods, dispelling of intestinal gases, improving your overall digestive care and consumption of herbs. 

Introducing Selip for Relieving Piles Troubles 

The best herbal remedy for relieving problems related to piles is Selip. Selip is a perfect polyherbal formulation that serves as a unique gift from Ayurveda for piles relief. Selip is a solution for all types of piles - whether it be bleeding piles, non-bleeding piles, haemorrhoidal piles, etc. 

Issues like fistula and rectal prolapse can also be relieved using the Selip formulation. The herbal ingredients in Selip include harithaki, trivrit, gojiha, daruharidra, swarnapathra, nimba, lajjalu, vanasurana, chithraka, guggulu and agnimukhi. 

You may consume this classical Ayurveda solution as per the instructions of an Ayurvedic healthcare professional or physician. An ideal dosage quantity is two tablets thrice a day, preferably before food.  

Think of Selip as a supplement only, and you need to follow healthy lifestyle practices to get the best benefits of the natural formulation. A recommended solution is piles relief yoga (deep breathing, balasana, viparita karani, pawanmuktasana, baddha konasana and pelvic floor contraction). 

Wrapping Up 

Selip is an Ayurvedic patent and proprietary medicine from Bipha Ayurveda and is available in both tablet and syrup format. The piles relief capsule will be easier to carry and consume. Bag your bottle of Selip to relieve haemorrhoid troubles here.