Overcome Swelling and Inflammation in Your Body with Ayurveda

Swelling and inflammation are part of health issues and ailments affecting many people. There are no barriers to getting infected with inflammation or swelling like age, gender, general health and other underlying conditions.  

As with most other health and wellness concerns, Ayurveda offers working natural remedies to your swelling and inflammation troubles too.  

Difference between Swelling and Inflammation  

Swelling is a condition where the fluid blood inside your body has no place to go and becomes stagnant in an area. Inflammation is a condition that results as part of your body’s natural healing system.  

Irrespective of swelling and inflammation differences, both are common health conditions and are bound to occur at different points in life. Inflammation is ideally good for tissue recovery though it gets a bad reputation. Swelling is usually accompanied by pain and pressure in the affected body area.  

Inflammation: Causes and Symptoms  

The primary factors causing inflammation in humans are as follows:  

  • Stress 
  • Unhealthy diet 
  • Exposure to allergies 
  • Certain contagious diseases 
  • Health issues like obesity 
  • Infections from parasites 

The major symptoms showing the inflammation conditions are as follows:  

  • Pain 
  • Oedema or dropsy 
  • Irritation 
  • Mood disorders 
  • Joint pain 
  • Redness and heat 
  • Body rashes 
  • Weight fluctuations  

Ayurvedic Techniques for Overcoming Inflammation and Swelling  

Listed below are the essential Ayurveda techniques for healing inflammation and swelling with its related symptoms.  


Your swelling and inflammation fight starts with the direct consumption of herbs. These could be in edible form or some other format benefitting your physical body region affected by the condition.  

The top herbs in the category are turmeric, ginger, brahmi and ashwagandha. Turmeric and ginger are perfect for healing all pains and balancing the pitta dosha. Try golden spiced milk, which is a blend of turmeric and ginger.   

Brahmi calms the mind and body. Ashwagandha helps in countering exhaustion. Boswellia is good for treating arthritis and acute back pain.  

Homemade Extracts  

Consuming doses of homemade extracts are another great Ayurveda technique to fight symptoms of inflammation and swelling. The same herbs that you use under general Ayurveda for treating inflammation work here as well.  

You may consume them in traditional herbal beverage form or as a capsule tablet. A great product from Ayurveda that helps you with overcoming inflammation, swelling and other related symptoms are Pranada tablet. This herbal formulation is a patent and proprietary medicine that helps heal anaemia and oedema also.  

Cold Diet  

Consumption of cool food items in your diet is an appropriate step that helps you balance the issues of heat absorption from your internal environment. Avoid foods that cause inflammation in your diet, like red meat.  

Consume more grains, vegetables, proteins, dairy products and organic poultry. Follow a diet that helps pacify your pitta dosha with cool, dry food items with low salt.  

Avoidance of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco is also the right step in this direction. Fat consumption is okay, but it should come from chocolate or butter.  


Ayurvedic remedies are the best for treating and healing swelling and inflammation. Ayurveda has even helped overcome long-term swelling issues, that too in older people.