Most effective lung disease care in Ayurveda!

Rainy weather reminds cool rain dops and chill atmosphere for many of you. But some people are not able to enjoy this due to their breathing trouble in cloudy days. You feel suffocated and with less fresh air to breathe in those days.

We can understand your trouble.

  • You cannot always rely on inhalers or steroid type of medicines all the time.
  • You should adopt a more holistic approach for exact positive results.
  • You know, your breathing should be deep and in a rhythmic manner to imbibe more fresh Oxygen.

How to increase your lung capacity?

  • Your lung capacity increases through deep breathing exercises, workout, Yoga and Pranayama.
  • Your mental stress also decreases through these and meditation.

What is your breathing related difficulties?

You may have cough, cold, sneezing, wheezing, excessive mucus and sputum in your body related to breathing. They are affecting your lungs and are called as Asthma, Bronchitis etc.

You know these diseases cause heaviness and sticky sputum in your chest and nose, right?

This is caused due to excess Kapha in your body as per Ayurveda.

  • Ayurveda advises to reduce this mucus content through dry herbs which are helpful to increase blood flow to the body.
  • Two of the celebrated herbs in this category are Vasaka (Adhatoda vasica ) and Tulsi (Holy basil).
  • Among the herb combinations, Trikatu containing pepper, ginger and long pepper are most helpful for you. These can be consumed as capsule form also.
  • One more herb is especially notable in your kitchen, Turmeric. This herb purifies your blood and increases oxygen carrying capacity of your lungs.
  • For Allergy and even skin diseases, Nimba rajanyadi tablet with Neem and Turmeric as main ingredients is a sure cure remedy.

 What to take care of? 

  • Take care that you are having fresh fruits, vegetable, low fat milk in your diet.
  • Avoid refrigerated stale, heavy, oily foods.
  • Avoid incompatible food combos like curd and fish together.
  • Gargling with hot salt water will cure your throat irritation and coated feeling.
  • In case of cough, cold like symptoms, turmeric boiled water or Triphala water can be used for gargling.
  • From the ancient era itself, classical medicines like Dasamoolakadutrayam kasayam, bharngiparpadakadi tablet, Thalisapatradi tablet, Vyoshadi vatakam tablet, Sudarshana tablet, and Agasthyavyoshadi lehyam were in use in Ayurvedic respiratory disease treatment.
  • Along with this, Bipha Healthcare has come up with various remedies as single herbs suitable for daily consumption too.
  • Specifically designed for Asthma patients, the Asthma cure tablet containing Swasanandam Gulika, vasa, tulsi , long pepper and betel as ingredients is a new hope in this field.
  • You might have heard of BIG CIG tablet, the smoking cessation aid which reduces your craving to smoke and gradually helps you to stop smoking.
  • It’s a non-nicotine brand containing herbs like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, sweet flag and nutmeg which can be chewed as one or two tablets while you feel any cravings to smoke.
  • As simple as that and by its regular use, you are able to control your smoking habit.

Air is everywhere, make yourself available to get it, that's more important. Feel freshness of ayurveda.