Journey of Sarpagandha, Punarnava, Gokshura -BIPASIL

Sarpagandha , Aswagandha and Shigru when made a combination along with herbs like Punarnava , a beautiful combination of Ayurvedic medicine which is useful to balance blood pressure levels is obtained. This medicine is named as Bipasil.

Do you know ?

  • This combination is also containing liver protective Phyllanthus niruri ( Bhoomyamalaki ) ,Tinospora cordifolia ( Guduchi ) and Azadirachta indica ( Neem ).

Blood pressure variations occur in your body when Vata the wind energy is disturbed , Brihath panchamula ( the 5 large root combo ) in this medicine helps to alleviate the increased Vata dosha .


  • If you ask us, how Bipasil acts, we will say, all of these herbs are just superb!!
  • Did you notice, when you had excess salt in your food, you drink some more water to dilute that extra salt.
  • Like this, in our body also such herbs which are increasing the urine production and filtering out salts, are good for regulating blood pressure.

Why giving more pressure to your body?

  • Sarpa Gandha, the Indian snakeroot (Rauwolfia serpentina) acts by reducing the stress in your body, calming our nerves and inducing good sleep.
  • Wow, the first cause for your BP solved. The villain stress eliminated.
  • Let's go further with Punarnava (Boerrhaavia diffusa ) .
  • It rejuvenates the body by increasing urine output and flushes the toxins out of the body.
  • You might have heard of consuming this herb’s leaves to reduce swelling in the body.
  • Gokshura , the small caltrops (Tribulus Terrestris ) , this herb is also similar in property.
  • Goksura and punarnava are potent diuretics increasing urine output in the body and helping fluid balance effectively.
  • You should now think that all the traditionally wisely used herbs are easily available to you combined effectively in one single medicine.

What can be really beneficial than that?

  • One more added advantage is that, this combination is fortified with herbs like Rasna (Alpinia galanga) and Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera ) which are reducing pain in the body and are overall nourishing to the body.

What to take care?

  • One important thing to remember.
  • Reduce salt in your diet, even pickles and fizzing lemonade with salt need to be avoided, really! Instead drink more and more water. That’s it.

Easy to get wellbeing in your own hands as a small capsule!!

Never miss this healthy opportunity to be perfect again and be controlled in life in every aspect.

Bipha healthcare is with you, be healthy through Ayurvedic herbal treasure!