Frequent Cough and Cold – 5 Simple Home Remedies

Wheezing and coughing of your child is unbearable for you as a caring parent. You end up buying the so called easy to use cough syrups and later, this is not at all going to cure cough from the root.

Yes, prevention is always better than cure.

Getting the cough out of the chest and clearing the obstruction is the right key here.

Let’s see how can you help your child in this.

Children are in their growing stage. They are developing immunity also slowly. So, think to boost their immunity also. Think to boost their growth also. In this case, you know better those natural herbs are having the properties to add more vitality to your child’s existence.

Remember granny’s cold remedies?

Tulsi tea, turmeric milk and soup with garlic, ginger etc. What an idea to correct body’s metabolism!

Any ways, how this frequent cough and cold occurs?

Excessive consumption of chilled drinks, ice cream and allergies like dust allergy can cause this. Next time, your child develops dryness in throat, give some turmeric boiled water and see how it disappears.

You have to observe things closely in order to prevent occurrence of diseases to your child. You should cover the ears of child using a muffler while travelling in the evenings. You should keep boiled water in your bottle while going out for your child.

Ask your child, if along with cough and cold, tastelessness is there . If hunger is also less, you should give them ginger powder mixed with rock salt twice a day before food.

We will give you 5 proven tips to prevent cough and cold of your child.

  1. Tulsi leaf juice mixed with honey twice a day after food is good to take daily.
  2. Vasa leaf juice or Vasaka capsule with warm water twice a day is an easier way.
  3. Palm candy can be powdered and given in 2 hours intervals. This will liquefy the cough and child will be feeling more comfort.
  4. Sesame oil or Ayurvedic nasal drops are good to instil in nostrils to get rid of blocked nostrils.
  5. Chyavanaprasha one teaspoon taken daily twice a day after food also is beneficial.

Don’t forget to give mild steam to your child and tell to gargle turmeric water with salt. This will clear the throat and chest easily.

If cure is not sought earlier, what can happen?

Infection is the one-word answer. Infection can become severe and spread to lungs and cause diseases like bronchitis, pneumonia. This is the point why always going behind usual cough syrups is not beneficial. It will temporarily suppress the condition, whereas the root cause will not be eliminated.

Ayurvedic medicines for cough and cold simplified.

Ayurveda has got a wide range of medicines like Agasthavyoshadivatakam, Vasarishtam and single herbs like Vasaka, Guduchi, Amla which are helpful to cure respiratory problems in all age groups. In fact, as Ayurvedic medicines are not having side effects in this treatment are accepted by majority of the population also.

Be it talisapatradi choornam or Vilvadi lehya, ever since childhood, Ayurvedic medicines are widely taken.

Major Ayurvedic herbs in respiratory treatment are Vasaka (Adhatoda vasica) , Talisapatra (Abbies webbiana ) , Trikatu ( Pepper , ginger and long pepper )

How these herbs act in the body?

These herbs act by increasing hunger, improving digestion, clearing the metabolic toxins out of the body and clearing the nose , throat and lungs.

What to take care while giving medicines to children?

Children need less dosage of medicine. You can give half of adult dose to them while giving any medicine. If the medicine or herb is too bitter, add some palm candy powder or honey to it make it tastier. Palatability must be ensured so that the child consumes the medicine satisfactorily.

You should not give them refrigerated foods and drinks at least for two weeks as the cough and cold may also cause diseases like tonsillitis if not properly taken care.

Make sure they drink adequate water, are active and having good sleep. Give them positive atmosphere to cheer up amidst the discomfort of cold.

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