Fever Care- Super Tips for this Summer

Summer is on the weather cards. You might be wondering what causes this extreme sweating in the summer; are you looking for some interesting facts regarding summer care, read below.  

Do you know what you can do to control heat in your body and stay cool? Fever is hot in nature and this the same with summer also. If your inherent physical constitution is also favouring heat energy, these symptoms may become magnified. So, what can be done? Know what you can do this summer, know what you can do for reducing the fever and then know what to do to balance your heat energy pitta in the body.   

Fever – a healing  

Imagine when you are having fever, what is the first thing you are going to do. You will have light food and take rest adequately until you feel your energy back to track right? Modern studies say fever to be our immune response to external infections and is a sign that your body is resisting diseases strongly and satisfactorily. Hey, fever can be a hint that your body is active!  

Ayurvedic take on fever  

Ayurveda has hailed fever as jwara and it says that he who understands and knows how to treat Jwara is indeed an able physician. So, the fever treatment is the base of Ayurvedic disease treatment itself. Famous Ayurvedic medicines like Amritarishtam , Sudarsanam tablet etc are used widely to treat various types of fever. 

Types of fever  

Vata type - As per dosha, the energy predominance, wind energy Vata when is imbalanced tends to make the pulse increased, body pain, increased thirst and watery diet and decoction of Guduchi aka giloy is advisable.  

Pitta type - If the heat energy Pitta is on the rise in your body, you will have more sweating, fever with diarrhoea vomiting etc symptoms also. If you are having more sweating and burning sensation in forehead etc, try to have a bath in vetiver infused water.  

Kapha type - When your Kapha energy causes fever, you will have more laziness, mucus accumulation and swelling in body especially in sinuses. You can have Chukk kaapi during these days to reduce such symptoms along with other suitable medicines.  

Do you know?  

Ayurveda says, fever can occur due to external causes like fear, sadness also. Ayurvedic classification and medicine list of fever is manifold indeed.  

Ojas and Ama- the two opposite concepts  

When you are having your daily dose of junk, fried, heavy foods, you are accumulating certain metabolic toxins known as Ama in Ayurveda. When you detoxify with Ayurvedc diet, lifestyle and treatment, your vitality is restored and this is what is called Ojas – the supreme vital essence in Ayurveda. Fever means loss of energy due to metabolic toxins, yes, this also can be a potential cause. Immunity boosting herbs like Giloy have special action here if administered at the right time.    

Don'ts in summer 

  • Excess exposure to scorching heat outside, taking too hot spicy, heavy to digest diet and exhaustive exercise can add to difficulties in summer.  

Dos in summer  

  • Have food which is light, easy to digest and add digestive soups with ginger, cardamom, coriander and heath recipes like rasam .  
  • Rice porridge and an added sweet version of this is also fine for you. Amla little bit salted can be used instead of chilly added pickles. 
  • Buttermilk garnished with turmeric, rock salt and pepper can be used while you have your lunch. This will speed up your digestion and metabolism.  

In lifestyle practises  

  • Never get too much emotional and in anger these days. 
  •  Cold water on head is also not advisable while bathing.  

Do to list for days to come 

  • Take a trip to the nature beauties to give yourself dose of relaxation and happiness.  
  • Fasting can help your internal organs to get rid of metabolic toxins. Give it a try.  

Herbal solutions for summer fever  

Guduchi or giloy – being a digestive, immunomodulatory anti-inflammatory herb, can give you an effective anti-pyretic action, that is why Bipha Ayurveda has daily herbs like Guduchi capsule for catering your health needs for immunity and infection protection.   

Amalaki – Amla is rich in antioxidants and is a natural Vitamin C treasure house helpful to reduce heat energy of the body and improve metabolism. Ayurvedic supplements like Triphala is revered as it detoxifies and rejuvenates simultaneously.  

Pippali – the long pepper is always counted among  Trikatu – ginger, pepper, and long pepper combo known for its digestive, carminative properties. Add one more property vital to pippali , hepato protective action, interesting, right? 

Other herbs like Vasa, Kirata tikta etc are part of various medicines prevalent in Ayurvedic healthcare.  

Bipha healthcare and fever care  

Ayurvedic giant with more than 90 years of legacy, that’s Bipha healthcare for you. Ayurvedic medicines like Sudarsanam tablet and Amruthoram kasayam are worth to be noted here. 

Sudarsanam tablet  

Sudarsanam tablet, a modified form of sudarsanam  choornam  is used for the management of cough, cold, fatigue, and body ache. By boosting immunity, it acts against weakness, stress, and anxiety.  

 It contains high-quality Swertia chirata  as major ingredient with known strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial, antifungal properties and Giloy and parpadaka  which  effectively reduces body temperature. The carminative and digestive properties of Trikatu aids solution for all digestive issues. Presence of Triphala reduces the formation of gas in the alimentary canal, thus reducing flatulence, constipation, bloating and abdominal distension. Sudarsanam is an effective antipyretic in such a way.   

Amruthothram kashaya tablet 

An Ayurvedic caplet prepared from the herbal extracts of  Amrithotharam/Naagaradi Kashaya; Effectively combat with all types Jwara (Antipyretic). It promotes proper digestion and elimination of undigested matter/toxins from the colon. A potent traditional remedy for Jwara of Tridoshaja origin (fever occurred due to the vitiation of three doshas of the body; it relieves pyrexia, arthritis and other inflammations. 

Amruthothram kashaya tablet act as carminative, digestive, laxative, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and mild analgesic in properties. The presence of  Naagara(Ginger) promotes Amapachana (digestion of toxins) & the Laxative property of Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) aids the elimination of Ama (toxins/undigested matter) from the gut.Giloy(Tinospora cordifolia) possess antimicrobial, antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties that help to regain strength and keeps all infectious diseases at bay. 

Fever is never to be feared. Conquer it and restore your inner balance with Ayurveda.