Easy Remedies for Digestion Care in Winter

When you are having less activity in the cool winter, you end up eating more calorie-rich junk food.  This makes your stomach feel somewhat disturbed also. Have you ever felt this?  

This disease occurs because in the winters, the metabolism of your body becomes slower and you are unable to digest properly if the quantity and quality of the food are not balanced.  

Imagine a heavy dinner and sluggish sleep after that.  The next morning, you’ll feel tired, isn’t it?   

Ayurvedic view of digestive care 

Ayurvedic principles tell us about an innate strong digestive fire in our body called Agni.  if this Agni gets deranged, you will experience symptoms of indigestion like loss of appetite,  excessive belching, acidity, bloating in the abdomen etc. Due to this, your body will be with metabolic toxins known as Ama in Ayurveda. When you are stuffing your body with excessive food and drinks, your digestive power becomes weak.  

This affects the energy production in your body also. For getting rid of these accumulated metabolic toxins, you have to take carminative, digestive medicines and undergo detoxification therapies like Panchakarma.  

Detoxify  your body this winter 

 You have to make changes in your diet and lifestyle to purify your body in the winter season. Observe your mind and body. Are you feeling lazy and inactive due to the cold weather outside or the weak digestion process inside? First, you should know what is conducive to your body and what is not. Then you can make a diet chart and daily routine for faster progress in your life.  

 What to take in winters?  

  • You can have winter veggies like carrot, potato, beetroot which are root vegetables and Wintergreens like mustard. Take your diet as warm always.  
  • Take ginger Tulsi tea or coffee to soothe the throat and prevent respiratory infections. This helps to promote good and healthy digestion.  
  •   You should also take fibre content-rich fruits and vegetables which helps to regulate blood sugar levels and reduces chances of constipation.  
  • Have more water even though you may not feel that much thirst. This helps to prevent dehydration in your body cells.  
  • Have water boiled with  Ayurvedic thirst-quenching herbal powders like Daahamruth to achieve this. 

Lifestyle in winter 

  • Practice deep relaxation techniques and Yoga poses like Vajrasana,  Pavanamuktasana and  Surya namaskar so that your body heat and breathing are regulated.   
  • Use thick woollen scarves and cotton clothes when you feel too much humidity in the atmosphere. This is to protect yourself from losing body heat.  

What to avoid this winter?  

  • Avoid eating cold and raw foods. Raw foods may cause digestive problems easily. Don’t give that much workload to your digestive system.  
  • Try to reduce hot, spicy food items and carbonated drinks from your diet. If you want to include drinks, only fruit juices are advisable in winter.  

What to avoid in lifestyle? 

  • Avoid excessive strain to your sense organs, lifting heavy weights, excessive eating, having incompatible foods like curd and fish,  suppressing your natural urges of urine, faeces etc.  

 Special tips for Winter digestive  care  

  • Include wheat, green gram, garlic, dry grapes, turmeric, buttermilk in your diet. These are specially promoted by Ayurveda. You can include them under superfoods promoting digestion! 
  • Have Triphala choorna or Triphala tablet at bedtime daily to boost your metabolism and effective detoxification.  
  • If you are having less appetite, take the ginger powder and mix it with a little bit of asafoetida powder and rock salt; take this powder before food to ensure hunger and digestion.  
  • Be adaptive to every season. Nourish your body and mind accordingly.  
  • Take Vitamin C rich foods like Indian gooseberry, pomegranate etc. to prevent oxidative stress of the body and to rejuvenate your body cells.  

Digestive care medicines in Ayurveda 

Bipha healthcare has a wide range of digestive and carminative formulations and supplements to support you in your digestive problems in the winter.   Single herb supplements like Amla and traditional remedies like Hinguvachadi tablet are some the examples. 

 All the medicines are made in safe, secure controlled environments and as per pharmaceutical standards. This makes medicines of Bipha to be efficient and time tested remedies . Medicines of Bipha healthcare are also 100 per cent natural, without any synthetic colour, fragrance or other chemicals.  

Patent medicines like Deepani tablets and Alcin tablets are well known for their therapeutic efficacy.  

Hinguvachadi tablet - the tablet is having  hingu (asafoetida), Vacha (Acorus calamus )Haritaki (Chebulic myrobalan) like ingredients that reduce abdominal gas and indigestion. It increases appetite and promotes digestion. Hinguvachadi gives immediate relief for gastrointestinal disorders and is indicated in lack of taste, indigestion, abdominal gas, abdominal colic etc.  The hingu is having antimicrobial properties and rock salt in this formulation increases the bioavailability of nutrients and helps to keep the electrolyte balance in the body intact.  

It also reduces menstrual cramps.  Hinguvachadi tablet improves liver function, promotes proper bile secretion and metabolism.  

Deepani tablet contains cumin, ginger, pepper, coriander, ajwain, leadwort and many other herbal ingredients.  is a powerful tool for gastrointestinal problems. It is a unique combination of Hinguvachadi and Vaiswanara chooornas.  Deepani tablet is an Ayurvedic remedy for improper digestion and malabsorption.  It improves digestion by proper production of digestive enzymes. It is a natural appetizer and is helpful to curb all digestive issues easily.  

Alcin tablet is the first-hand remedy for acidity and heartburn. It is a perfect herbal blend of Triphala (three myrobalans) 3 exotic spices – ginger, pepper and long pepper. Mandoora bhasma is ferrous oxide, it reduces the acidic nature of the stomach and thus cures symptoms of acidity, heartburn and abdominal bloating.  has carminative and digestive properties. It prevents from formation of excessive acids in the stomach. It relieves ulcers, gastritis and improves better absorption of nutrients into the body. The Triphala in this acts as an excellent antioxidant and helps to regularize bowels. 

When your digestion is proper with the help of Ayurveda healthcare ,  the energy formation in your body also becomes magnificent. Be the powerhouse of energy with the help of authentic Ayurveda.