Care for your Uterus – This Summer

Ancient Ayurvedic treatises have called the Uterus, the power house of energy and feminine nature itself is revered in many of the cultures across the globe. Ever thought, how to care for your reproductive system? You know summer means increased heat energy, the increased Pitta energy in the body. Ayurveda says excess bleeding can manifest owing to this heat in summer.  

Uterus is related to your body and caring for the next generation also as formation of placenta is closely related to uterus. Uterine muscles are one of the strongest muscles in your body. Uterine muscles hold your baby while in uterus and undergo changes during pregnancy and after delivery. You have to care for your uterus for your better health always.  

Some Ayurvedic facts about uterine care  

Holding natural urges, especially of urination and defecation, can be detrimental to your uterine health in the long run as these cause imbalances in the activity of Apana vata, the downward moving wind energy in the body.  

For boosting health of your uterus, you can have coconut oil, ghee and milk in adequate quantities in your diet. You can include nuts like almonds, cashews and walnuts. Among leafy vegetables, spinach and lettuce are good to go for. This will help to have alkaline balance in the body and provide more minerals and folic acid supplementation. You can include these in your daily routine.  

Fresh fruits rich in Vitamin C like lemons are also good, this also promotes healing in uterus which undergoes monthly shedding of endometrium as process of menstruation. Consuming whole grains is also beneficial, as it contains plenty of fiber. Egg yolk can also aid in uterine protection as it prevents neural tube defects. Fatty fishes like salmon contain more omega 3 fatty acid, this reduces excess uterine contractions. Also take care of your reproductive system hygiene of lower vaginal region to prevent ascending infection spread to uterine tract. You should use lukewarm water or even Triphala water to wash your vaginal canal if you have any sort of minor infection or symptoms like itching. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to maintain hydration in your body.   

Dos In diet as per Ayurveda  

  • Ash gourd, pomegranate, gooseberry, onion, raisins are good for your uterus. Include these in your diet.  

Dos in lifestyle  

  • Take proper rest, especially during menstruation period.  
  • You should mentally also remain prepared for this time and remain calm and positive.  
  • Along with rest, timely self-care activities are also needed to increase blood circulation to your body.   
  • Yoga asanas like Balsana , the child pose, are helpful for strengthening your uterus. This asana resembles a fetal position. It is helpful in stretching the muscles of your thighs, knees, back and hips. Do this asana on an empty stomach.  
  • Pranayama and deep relaxation techniques are also good to control wind energy vata in the body. Have at least half an hour in your daily routine for such esoteric practices.  

Don'ts in lifestyle  

  • Avoid spicy, fried food with more fatty content. Excessive chilly is also forbidden as per Ayurvedic texts as these again increase bleeding due to increase in Pitta energy.  
  • Try to reduce extreme emotions like anger, vengeance and too much sadness in your daily life. Have a balanced outlook. Be good, think good and do good to the maximum possible level.   

Take care  

Uterus can have a wide range of problems ranging from uterine bleeding, cysts, fibroids, prolapse etc. based on how it is affected. Minor troubles can be ruled out and eliminated through systematic Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment.  You should follow this diet and lifestyle advice also for apt results.  

Bipha healthcare and you  

Bipha healthcare is an age-old name in the field of Ayurvedic pharmaceutical industry. One of the novel formulations for uterine care in Ayurveda is Uteratone syrup. It is helpful to care for your body needs and maintain the health of the uterus.  

Uteratone syrup – actions  

Uteratone syrup uses and actions are many in number. Just look at these common actions.  

  • Soothes cramps and aches related to pre-menstrual and menstrual period. 
  • Strengthens endometrium. 
  • Regularizes menstrual cycles. 
  • Flavonoids and bioflavonoids in dasamoola act as uterine tonic. 
  • Free from side effects of synthetic hormone therapy. 

Indications of Uteratone syrup 

Menorrhagia, Leucorrhea, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, Polyps in cervix, Inflammatory diseases, Endometriosis and Premenstrual syndrome are the indications of this effective Ayurvedic formulation. 

Ingredients of Uteratone syrup  

Uteratone syrup contains Ashoka ( Saraca asoka ) bark, Lodhra (Symplococus racemosus ) stem and bark, Dasamoola (the ten herbal root combo), Aswagandha (Withania somnifera ) , Castor, asparagus, sugarcane, nut grass, Indian gooseberry, sandalwood, long pepper, Indian liquirice , ginger, cumin seed etc.  

Notable ingredients and properties  

Ashoka, is a potent uterine tonic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and stops excessive menstrual flow and acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body cells giving you vitality and vigor to the fullest. It safely maintains estrogen balance in the body and protects the uterus.  

Shatavari, the Asparagus regulates menstrual cycle, balances hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, luteinizing hormone, boosts immunity, reduces stress and anxiety.  

Way forward  

Bipha has been in the Ayurvedic pharmaceutical field with a legacy of more than 90 years. Ayurvedic medicines which are cent percent natural, free from artificial ingredients, preservatives etc. are manufactured from Bipha healthcare. You can safely opt them and follow Ayurvedic daily and seasonal regimens also for better results. As a female, you are making a whole new generation out of your uterine power and wonderful deeds. Ayurvedic healthcare  can help you to be health-centric in approach and reap the fruitful rewards in time.  

Caring for your uterus as per the seasonal changes is needed, right? When you are prepared, nature will help you to protect your health. Trust Ayurveda and move progressively forward in life.