Blood Sugar Control Made Easy with Ayurveda

Along with blood pressure, blood sugar problems are one of the most common health scares that concerns people around the world. This post covers an overview of blood sugar abnormalities (diabetes issues, changes in blood sugar normal range, etc.) and Ayurvedic remedies to resolve them.  

Everything About Blood Sugar Levels  

From the Ayurveda perspective, diabetes and prediabetes are considered more as urological disorders. If you leave it unchecked, it will turn into a chronic health condition. It’s not unusual for people to suffer from scenarios like a variation in blood sugar level after food or during fasting.  

The usual risk factors that contribute to issues in your blood sugar levels include a history of diabetes in the family, lack of physical movement, hypertension, older age and weight disorders.  

The top reasons that contribute to uncontrollable blood sugar levels are disruptions in the circadian cycle, overconsumption of certain products (dairy products, alcohol, items containing fatty, salt and sour taste, certain cereals and soups), absence of exercise and physical movement and unnecessary stress/tension.   

The main symptoms that typically feature in the affected persons are more than normal frequency in urination, unexplained rise in thirst and hunger, sudden weight loss, unusual healing times for cuts and wounds and continuous fatigue and weakness.  

How to Control Blood Sugar Levels Naturally  

Different natural remedies in Ayurveda to control blood sugar levels are as follows:  

Ayurvedic Supplements  

Herbal supplements and tablets can work wonders in helping you fight diabetes and related symptoms. Ayurvedic patent and proprietary medicines are available in this category that you may consume after consulting with a professional healthcare expert.  

Rajanyamalakadi tablets from Bipha are an efficient natural formulation that helps you heal diabetes and prediabetes. With a herbal blend of Bilva, Ekanayakam, Amalaki and Haridra, Rajanyamalakadi is known to naturally support and relieve blood sugar troubles.  

Natural Herbs  

You may directly consume herbs to efficiently battle diabetes symptoms. These include amla, neem, triphala and bitter gourd juice. Amla contains Vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant to help combat diabetes-causing free radicals within the body.  

Neem possesses properties to help treat hyperglycemia that results from glucose issues. Triphala is a proven herbal component that includes Amalaki, Vibhitaki and Harithaki. It helps reduce blood glucose levels, boosts insulin secretion and supports pancreas stimulation. 

Bitter Gourd Juice is known to aid in lowering blood sugar levels, processing blood glucose and improving the possibility of insulin production within the body.  

Lifestyle Changes  

Healthy lifestyle habits to control and maintain blood sugar levels include regular physical training, consistent meditation practices and practical diet changes.   

The top dietary changes include the consumption of better fruits, intake of astringent fruits and vegetables and light, dry and warm foods.   

Homemade Remedies  

Be careful while following tips to manage diabetes control naturally using homemade remedies. Expert tips from certified consultants and channels are recommended. You may undergo a blood sugar test at regular intervals to determine the blood sugar variations within the body.  

Home remedies to fight diabetes are fenugreek seeds, aloe vera mixed with buttermilk, cinnamon in water and drumsticks.  

Parting Thought  

Natural blood sugar control is not an achievable task if you focus on it temporarily. Ensuring healthy blood sugar levels is a long journey. The question of how to control blood sugar levels involves numerous factors like sleep, diet, exercise, destressing and emotional support.