Best Ayurvedic Remedies for Piles in Winter

You may have so many secrets in life. Don’t you? When you have intimate hygiene issues and some peculiar diseases you feel shy to openly discuss them with others. But will that health issue get solved on its own if you don’t take medicines and  at the correct time? Of course, no. Pile are also one such problem that arises from your hanged diet, lifestyle and even mental stress.  

Piles and winter  

Winter season increases the wind energy Vata in your body. Then comes dryness and constipation also along with this in your body. This is because dryness is the inherent nature of wind energy. Do you feel rough also while touching your skin? Imagine your bowels also will be dry and rough like this in winter. Get to know the details of this feature of piles here!  

Piles and constipation  

Pile is a medical condition in which the veins in your anal canal gets swollen as a lump with symptoms like constipation, painless bleeding, itchiness etc. . If you see this lump outside the anus region, it is external piles. If this is seen inside the anal canal, it is internal piles. Causes of piles are many like constipation for longer periods, obesity, pregnancy, sitting abnormally while passing stool, sedentary lifestyle, use of dry and spicy fried food. Constipation is the notable cause here. If you have constipation due to consuming fried junk foods, you will have more chances of getting piles. The cause and symptom are the same in this case. You have to control your diet and lifestyle effectively you can prevent this menace.  

When your body becomes lubricated and moist externally and internally, constipation also gets reduced naturally. You can adopt a little bit of an oily and sweet diet, have some milk and rice porridge, some fruit juice for your refreshment in the evenings.  

Ayurveda and piles  

Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal wisdom classifies piles as per the energy , Dosha involvement . Vata type piles is dry , rough, blackish and you if you have this type , you can also get  pain around the anus  and more of constipation. In Pitta type of piles , you will have soft , red pile mass with bleeding and  burning sensation . In Kapha type of piles , large size pile mass with indigestion can occur .  

Practical tips for reducing Piles naturally 

  • You have to take proper quantity of water at least 3 litres a day and take food at the proper time. 
  • Buttermilk aka takra is revered in Ayurveda when added with little pepper, turmeric, asafoetida which tones up the entire digestive system. Do you know even Ayurvedic medicines like Astachoorna are taken with buttermilk as the buttermilk helps for easy digestion?  
  • Triphala is now available as capsules to help you reduce your constipation in piles. This helps to cleanse your bowel once or twice a week.  

Do’s and don’ts in diet  

  • You can take food items that are light, easy to digest that does not cause constipation and promote appetite. 
  • Buttermilk, elephant yam, dried black raisins, yoghurt with curry leaves are useful for you.  
  •  Avoid curd, heavy, dry-fried food and carbonated drinks. 

What to do and not to  

  •  You can practise Yogasanas like Vajrasana, Padmasana, Savasana as part of your daily routine. 
  •  You have to avoid too much straining while defecating and improper positioning while doing work.  

Ayurvedic opinion on treating piles  

Ayurveda gives some options for you to ultimately get rid of piles. You can take and have a well-organized lifestyle and diet plan along with that. Medicines that are carminative and digestive help reduce symptoms of piles. if you experience more difficulties like coming out of the pile mass after defecation and more pain, you can have done Ayurvedic Para surgical measures like Ksarasutra, Ksarakarma using medicated thread and has to reduce the size of the mass and at least shrink it effectively for long term results. Often you have this problem in your early ages especially associated with the pregnancy if you are a lady. Ayurvedic medicines like Selip syrup and tablet helps you achieve safe results by use. 

Bipha healthcare and Piles  

We have formulated piles of care tablets and syrup for you. Bipha healthcare has medicines that are made after proper clinical research and free from parabens, sulphates or any kind of harmful ingredients.   Chiruvilwadi kasayam caplet, Slip tablet and syrup come under this group of potent medicines to help reduce symptoms like constipation, bleeding etc. in less time. Abhayaristam, Guggulu panchapalam tablet ( for deep-seated ulcers of piles ), Gandharvahastadi tablet, Pippalyasavam are widely used in treating piles. Let’s see some other potent Ayurvedic formulations here.  

 Chiruvilwadi caplet is formulated with herbal extracts of Chiruvilwadi kashayam a classical Ayurvedic medicine that reduces the size and inflammation of pile mass. It reduces the itching and discomfort experienced by you when you are having piles. It contains ingredients like ginger, Indian Elm long pepper which has anti-inflammatory, carminative, digestive also contains laxatives like Chebulic myrobalan.  Punarnava ( Boerrhaavia diffusa ) as an ingredient helps to cleanse the colon, reduce the pain and inflammation, flatulence and bloating.  

Among the patent medicines,  and syrup are made with a unique  polyherbal formula for relieving bleeding and constipation without causing stomach irritation. It contains Chebulic myrobalan ( Haritaki ), Operculina turpethum ( Trivrit) Azadirachta indica ( Neem) Daruharidra ( Berberis aristata) etc. also helps to shrink the pile mass and reduce the itching and pain. Slip is useful in acute and chronic cases of bleeding and non-bleeding piles.  It is an excellent laxative and safe for pregnant ladies also. is used widely for constipation in pregnant ladies.  The advantage of Selip tablet is that it is free from sugar and can be consumed safely even if you are diabetic also. 

Piles are counted among the common lifestyle disorders nowadays. Adopt a simple diet rich in fibres, proteins and drink more water to avoid constipation. Yoga asanas like Vajrasana ( diamond pose) are good to relieve pressure under your abdominal area. Keep your body and mind cool and relaxed always. Bipha healthcare is at the forefront in imparting quality medicines and health advice for you  . Bipha provides medicines which are free from synthetic fragrances and preservatives for making you healthy and strong in your life.  Relieve your constipation and reduce piles naturally.