In the middle of second wave attack of Covid-19 the whole world going through a toughest situation; it has been tiring for our medical professionals. It has been affected by a large population in our country. The vaccines are being produced and delivered but to make them available to a large sum of the population takes time and a lot of effort. At this point, Government focused on an integrated treatments for mild and moderate Covid-19 patients.                    

Here comes the importance of Ayurveda for the healthy and persistent wellness of our respiratory system. AYUSH-64 has emerged as a ray of hope for the patients of mild and moderate COVID-19 infection. The scientists of reputed research institutions of the country have found that AYUSH 64, a poly herbal formulation developed by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS), for management of Malaria. This drug was repurposed as the ingredients showed notable antiviral, immune-modulator and antipyretic properties. The in-silico study done on AYUSH-64 showed that about 35 out of 36 of its Phyto-constituents have high binding affinity against COVID 19 virus. The formulation has also shown very promising results in Influenza like illness.  


It can be taken by patients at any stage of the COVID-19 disease. However, its scientific efficacy was scientifically studied in asymptomatic, mild and moderate disease without risk factors for poor outcome and those not requiring emergency interventions or hospitalization are eligible to take Ayush-64. Mild to moderate COVID-19 cases showing initial symptoms like fever, malaise, body ache, nasal congestion, nasal discharge, headache, cough etc. and asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 can preferably start AYUSH- 64 within 7 days of diagnosis of the disease through RT-PCR for better outcome. 


 AYUSH-64 is a poly herbal formulation developed in compliance to all regulatory requirements and quality and pharmacopeial standards by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS) the apex body for research in Ayurveda under the Ministry of Ayush. It has been scientifically found to be useful in the treatment of asymptomatic, mild and moderate COVID-19 infection as an adjunct to standard care through robust clinical trials conducted in the country. The results of the clinical trials demonstrated that AYUSH-64 as an adjunct to standard of care (SoC) showed clinically significant improvement and thus lesser period of hospitalization as compared to SoC alone. 


AYUSH-64 is found to significantly reduce the duration for clinical recovery in terms of disease symptoms and severity. It also has significant beneficial effects on general health, fatigue, anxiety, stress, appetite, general wellbeing and sleep. 

If a person is exposed to a COVID-19 case, AYUSH-64 can be taken when symptoms appear. However, the person should get tested for COVID-19 through RT-PCR or Rapid antigen test and should follow SoC. 


  • The dose for asymptomatic COVID-19 case is 2 tablets of 500 mg twice daily one hour after meals with warm water for 14 days.  
  • The dose for mild to moderate cases is 2 tablets of 500 mg thrice daily one hour after meals with warm water for 14 days 
  • Patients with co-morbidities like hypertension, diabetes etc., can take AYUSH-64 for asymptomatic, mild to moderate disease and are advised not to discontinue their respective medications. 
  • If a person gets infected even after vaccination, AYUSH-64 can be taken within 7 days of testing RT-PCR positive for SARS CoV-2, in consultation with an Ayush Physician 
  • The usage of Ayush -64 for pregnant and lactating womens is not scientifically established yet 

Bipha Health care is an innovative third generation company with nine decades of presence of Ethical Products. Sustained research and innovative spirit have helped us to evolve new patented formulations and develop proprietary technologies to concentrate the medicinal properties of Ayurvedic medicines in a very small dosages and retain them for longer periods.  

While the world is rediscovering the goodness of Ayurveda, Bipha has developed many remedies for contemporary ailments to boost immunity against diseases. Bipha Healthcare has also got the license for producing Ayush-64 which gives immediate relief to mild and moderate Covid-19 affected patients. Its production has started by Bipha Healthcare for distribution. Thus, providing vital help to Covid-19 treatment across our country. 


Ayush 64 has been showing good signs of relief from Covid-19 disease at any stage. It is available in the market and can be purchased from Ayurvedic pharmacies. However, it should be ensured that it should not be used as an over-the-counter prescription (OTC) and shall only be used under the supervision of Ayurvedic physicians. Let's unite together with Ayush-64 to eradicate Covid-19 from our country and from the whole world.