Ayurvedic skin care routine simplified

You can say my skin is very sensitive, so I don’t use any cosmetics. Then the next day, you will go and purchase a well-known brand’s cream and start applying twice a day. Yes, this is happening to you and many of your friends, right?

So, you mean to say that in case of skin care, you are very much tempted to try different products and see if it’s worth for your skin. Let me say you, your skin is different and unique just like you. Go and check the mirror and wipe the forehead and nose using a tissue.


  • Found some oil there? Or you have found oil on your full face?
  • Your full face becomes oily when you have got an oily skin.
  • If it's too dry, obviously, it’s a dry skin.
  • If you notice oily nature of skin only on forehead and nose, well, it’s a mixed type, a normal skin.

General tips for your glowing skin

  • Dry skin? Reduce dryness. Apply some moisturizing cream.
  • Oily skin? Reduce oiliness. Apply some powder face pack.
  • Normal skin? You can have general skin care routine for you.
  • In case, you are having a sensitive skin, discontinue use of skin care products with strong and harsh chemicals.

whatever be your skin type, make sure to have adequate water and fresh fruits in your daily routine. sleep of 6 to 8 hours also is a must. 

Special Ayurvedic tips

Ayurveda has been a rejuvenating companion for skin since centuries. Ayurvedic oils like Nalpamaradi and Kumkumadi oils are common names in every household in India.

  • Internal medicines are also given by your physician to let you have that fine texture of skin.
  • Radiating glowing skin in your dreams comes true with Ayurvedic medicines like Turmeric and Neem now available as capsules just a click away! 
  • In the Previous era, Kerala gifted an enchanting skin care routine to the world, ancient skin care routine blessed with oil bath, massage and blood purifying medicines. 

The list of Ayurvedic skin care treatments and medicines are endless even now. Detoxifying Vamana, the medicinal inducing of vomiting and Rakta Mokshana, the bloodletting is popular even today.

When the ancient Vaidyas gave the medicines like Mahamanjisthadi tablet, Mahatiktakam tablet, Gulgulutiktakam tablet, Rasabhra gulgulu tablet, etc, they made sure that these are far more effective in restoring normalcy of your skin. 

  • Your skin which becomes dull due to pollution and stress becomes revived by consuming these herbal elixirs.
  • Your granny applied Eladi oil on your skin when you were a child, you now have the amazing privilege to use Eladi cream for your children.
  • This treasure is handed over to you Exclusively by Bipha Ayurveda. 

Ayurveda prefers to purify your blood and detoxify your whole body. This makes your skin also have a healthy nature. Ayurvedic skincare regimen includes not only internal medicines but also a long list of face wash, scrubs, and creams. Make your skin tone cherish able through Ayurveda. Beauty that radiates within is eternal. go for it.