Ayurvedic Joint Care in Winter – An Overview

Ever remember your first fall when you were a kid? Your answer is No, of course. But nowadays after you have reached adulthood, small pain also hurts you a lot. Why? Maybe you are less active unlike in childhood these days, or maybe you are weak in the case of your joints.  

Reasons for joint issues  

Joint is the meeting place of your bones. Many types of joints are there in your body. Some allow free movement, some don’t. Anyways whatever the type of joint be,  allowing movement is one of the main functions of every joint. Joints need internal nourishment and lubrication for proper functioning.  

External application of medicated oils and internal consumption of food rich in Vitamin C, D and K are essential for healthy bones and joints. Why long-distance travel and heavy weight lifting makes you feel exhausted?  

This occurs due to wear and tear in your joints associated with the activity of your joints. The pain occurs due to an excessive amount of wind energy produced in your body at that time. 

Then, how to reduce that pain?  

  • To reduce that pain, you should know that Vata causes dryness, roughness and wear and tear in your body when in abnormal conditions.  
  • You should nourish your joints to lubricate and maintain their functioning. 

Joint issues occur when you are not taking a proper nutrient-rich diet. Other causes include adopting a sedentary lifestyle, not having proper exercise, adopting Improper postures at the workplace and last but not least, the effect of seasons like dry cold winter.  

The weak bones and joints affect the quality of life. In the winter season, the humidity will be high but the temperature will be. This, makes your joints to be less flexible and painful. Blood circulation decreases causing stiffness in bones and joints. Shrinking of blood vessels in winter reduces blood flow to the body and this causes more pain and swelling in your joints. You need healthy joints to run, walk and do daily activities, right?  

Diet – do’s and don’ts 

  • Have food rich in Calcium, Potassium like elements especially milk.  
  • Avoid too much hot spicy junk food. 

Lifestyle – Do’s and don’ts 

  • Do regular exercise to strengthen your bones and joints.  
  •  Avoid lifting heavy weights and travel in jerky vehicles. 

Ayurvedic view of joint care  

Ayurvedic principles say – Pain occurs due to an increase in wind energy Vata in the body. To reduce your pain, you have to include a routine of oil massage and bath. Soaking of hands and feet in warm water also soothes joint pain and swelling to a great extent  You can also include superfoods like spinach, tomato, pulses in your diet to get more nutrients for your overall health.  

Yoga postures like Bhujangasana (cobra pose), Shavasana(corpse pose) and exercises also aid fitness, the balance of body weight and increased bone strength. Stiffness of joints will be replaced by increased flexibility and muscles also will be chiselled to a great extent.  

Ayurvedic formulations specially made for joint care  

Bipha healthcare has been phenomenal to bring Ayurvedic joint care to the forefront always. Medicines that are safe, effective and free from harmful chemical ingredients are manufactured by Bipha healthcare. Ayurvedic medicines like Pranada tablet, Rasnerandadi Rasayana caplet, Aikout caplet are some of the effective medicinal formulations.  

Pranada Tablet 

is a multidimensional combination of herbs.  it is an ideal choice for all types of inflammation. It is used as a co-therapy with other anti-arthritic medicines.  is also useful for oral cavity disorders.  Pranada is indicated in swelling, gout, rheumatism, constipation and, oral cavity diseases also. It cleanses the body channels called Srotases in our body.  

Rasnaerandadi Kashaya Tablet 

An excellent Ayurvedic decoction caplet formed with the herbal extracts of Rasnaerandadi Kashaya.  Rasnerandadi tablet is indicated in osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, sprain, pain in flanks, swelling and pain in joints, dislocation, lumbar Spondylosis and low, back pain. 

It is a herbal blend of Galangal (Alpinia Galaga ) Castor (Ricinus communis), Sida Cordifolia, Asparagus etc. it is indicated in pain and swelling in joints especially in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. In joint dislocation, it reduces swelling and stiffness of joints. It's one of the best in. 

Aikout capsule 

is a patent herbal formulation made from Indian frankincense (Boswellia serrata), Indian bdellium ( Commiphora Mukullike ingredients.  Aikout capsule will reduce degeneration in bones and joints to a great extent.  

The powerful analgesic Anti-inflammatory formula reduces immobility and stiffness of joints. It supports easy movements of the body by strengthening and supporting muscles and ligaments. The unique presence of Guggulsterone in Guggulu and Sallaki helps in the recovery of fractures and increases blood supply to joints. This also reduces inflammation in joints when used for more periods in a proper dosage.  

When you are focused to bring out a change in your life, you think better. Ayurvedic principles of daily and monthly regimens help you to streamline your mind and body towards your goals. By taking care of your joints, you are giving extra mileage to your plans. Give strength to your life, take care of your health now.