Relieve Respiratory Allergies using 5 Natural Ways

Everyone experiences respiratory allergies at some point in their life. It is the most common allergy type in humans. You may use pharmacological techniques or natural remedies to tackle the issue.

The more preferred option is a herbal approach like Ayurveda, as it guarantees a long-term cure for your respiratory infections and allergies.

Respiratory Allergies - The Ayurvedic Perspective

The primary respiratory allergy causes include inhalation of certain proteins in the air that triggers inflammation and blockages in your airways. Mostly identified in the upper respiratory tract, these infections become dangerous if left untreated.

Ayurveda promotes natural remedies to deal with all sorts of allergies and respiratory infections. One critical respiratory infection that gets resolved with the help of Ayurveda is allergic rhinitis.

The benefit of using Ayurveda respiratory allergy treatment is that you get to use all the safe and proven home remedies and tips with assistance from a professional healthcare consultant.

5 Ayurveda Tips for Healing Respiratory Allergy Symptoms

Below are the top five Ayurveda tips to help you heal respiratory allergies list and their related symptoms.

Ayurvedic formulations

The optimum choice is to go for an Ayurvedic formulation. This will be scientifically researched, tested and proved with the help of expert tests. The best working solution in this regard is Bipha Nimbarajanyadi.

With effective herbal ingredients like Nimba, Haridra, Maricha and Thalisapatra, Nimbarajanyadi helps relieve respiratory allergies with ease. It is helpful for blood purification, immunity boosting and digestive health too.

This patent and proprietary remedy from Bipha aids in treating cough, breathlessness, lack of appetite and tastelessness. It possesses antitussive, anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties that aid in healing upper respiratory allergies.


Direct consumption of herbs can help you heal from various respiratory allergies. Eucalyptus oil is known to clear nasal and sinus passages. Oregano works in treating respiratory allergies and offers decongestion properties.

Peppermint oil promotes antihistamine properties and is amazing at curing troubles like cough, sore throat and respiratory inflammation. Nettle leaf is another herb that helps you with its analgesic and antimicrobial properties.

Chamomile oil is a perfect antioxidant, and it also provides antispasmodic properties. Some other herbs that can join your fight against types of respiratory allergies are perilla, stinging nettle, butterbur, sea buckthorn, yarrow, ginger, etc.

First-aid measures

There are a few first-aid measures to help you overcome respiratory allergies. The top popular remedies in this category are the consumption of hot herbal teas and the application of facial steam.

It is recommended to use menthol rubs too. Using it right after gently blowing your nose is helpful.

Hygiene measures

Washing your hands frequently is an all-time popular hygiene step. Use soft tissues when you are experiencing coughing or sneezing symptoms. Regular usage of a face mask also helps you practice better hygiene, especially while going out in a germ-packed environment.

Home remedies

Honey is a kitchen ingredient famous for relieving symptoms of respiratory allergies. You can employ nasal rinse to clear your nasal passages, which employs the use of saline water.

Exposure to sunlight helps you get a sufficient dose of Vitamin D, helpful in preventing allergic rhinitis. You can plan and include allergy-relieving food items in your diet. They are vegetables, garlic, cayenne, berries, apples, grapes and tomatoes.

Parting Thought

Complete avoidance of respiratory allergies or disorders is never an option as you are always prone to the surrounding pollution levels. There’s also the chance that you might possess innate unhealthy respiratory conditions stemming from lower immunity.

These might get triggered by constant exposure to the harmful environment. With Ayurveda by your side, you have a great chance of fighting and overcoming all respiratory disorders, including allergies.