Reducing acidity – the Ayurvedic way

That sour belching feel – that is often portrayed in media advertisements of antacids, right? You have experienced many times the same discomfort. Isn't it? 

Heartburn or acid reflux is causing this painful burning sensation in your chest. It indicates that your digestion is in trouble. Well, if this happens occasionally say less than twice a week, this is manageable by the appropriate diet and lifestyle management. How will you know if you are more acidity-prone or why only you have this? Ayurveda has an answer for this. Ayurveda classifies your body type based on the basic energy predominance in your body. If you have more heat energy in your body, the Pitta, you will be getting more sweating and acidity.  You also can get sour belching and acne-like skin troubles more.  Is it clear now?  

You know, the stomach contains acidic content and when this acid content flows back up to your food tube, the esophagus, you will get that sour belching kind of unpleasant feeling.   

Causes for acidity  

  • Excessive intake of beverages like hot tea, coffee, alcohol, spicy, fried food with lots of chilly and mustard added cause acidity in the long term  
  •  Intake of acidic juices like orange and grape juice often, and having food without digestion of the previously taken food also contributes to acidity.  
  • Withholding bodily urges of urination etc. also are potential causes for the imbalance of bodily energies as per Ayurveda.  
  • Too much work without even having food, especially skipping breakfast, adds chances of getting ulcers along with this.  
  • Some other factors related to this are smoking, high stress levels, lack of proper sleep and lifestyle disorders like obesity, diabetes etc.  

Symptoms showing acidity  

Burning sensation in your chest while eating or just after that is a common symptom. Did you notice that this increases at night? Each time you have some acidity promoting spicy food or even when you fast, sour belching accompanies you as an unpleasant feel. Nausea – the feeling of vomiting, sleep disturbance due to sour belching and gas are also associated symptoms you may experience. You may note down, particularly which food causes you more problems and try to eliminate it from your diet. This will help in getting faster acidity relief 

Ayurvedic tips for preventing acidity  

Dos in acidity  

  • If you are having more acidity while on an empty stomach, try including coconut water, milk and amla juice in your drinks.  
  • You can have more watery vegetables in your salads, you can have a little pepper and rock salt also added to your sandwich recipes.  
  • Cumin seed boiled water; the jeera water also can be used to drink regularly. This also reduces gas formation and that bloating sensation. Milk and buttermilk are also effective drinks that are nourishing and healing. Buttermilk is even used in traditional ulcer treatment due to this good healing ability.  


Dos for a good lifestyle  

  • Simple pranayama and breathing exercises combined with Savasana – the corpse pose is good to go for. When you are getting sour belching, hiccups can also occur due to your rushing while taking food or water. So, calm your mind and body first. 
  • A proper quantity of light, easy-to-digest food at the right time has to be opted for in your daily routine. This will ensure that your body is working smoothly. 

Avoid these  

  • Avoid too hot, spicy, fatty food difficult to digest, say no to fasting and skipping meals.  
  • No late-night tea, coffee sipping and chilly and salt rich side dishes.  
  • Avoid food with artificial preservatives and ingredients to make it extra yummy. You can prefer custom-made homely food for you over these.  

Unhealthy lifestyle = acidity  

  • Late-night partying and movies avoiding your precious sleep are harmful in the long run. Watching more thought-provoking, anger inviting dramas also is not advisable.  
  •  Alcohol and smoking also increase heat energy in your body. Why trouble your body too much with these?  
  • Too much popping of pills for the slightest heath issue also irritates your stomach and adds load to your liver. Say no to this habit. Take  Ayurvedic medicines and supplements for balancing your health instead.  
  • Too much water intake or too little of that also is not good for your digestive system. If the water is too much, the digestive fire Agni in the body gets diminished as per Ayurveda.  
  • When you take too little water, your body cells are at thre risk of getting dehydration. To prevent this, you are getting advice of having coconut water like electrolyte balancing drinks.   

Ayurvedic way – The Bipha healthcare  

Ayurveda envisages acidity neutralizing and healing Ayurvedic healthcare for acidity. Bipha healthcare has come up with potent, cent percent natural medicines like Tharamandooram tablet and ulcin tablet for reducing acidity.  

Tharamandooram tablet is the first-rate remedy for acidity and ulcers. Taken from the famous text Bhaishajya ratnavali, this is an herbal blend of Triphala (the combo of myrobalans) and trikatu (pepper, long pepper, and dry ginger) processed in cows' urine, Mandura bhasma, etc. This processing helps to regulate stomach pH and beneficially alters the acid–mucus balance and relieves stomach irritation. The tablet has the property to cool your body and protect you from acidity effortlessly. 

Tharamandooram tablet is rich in Vitamin C and Ellagic acids which are excellent antioxidants cleansing blood and the bowel. Mandura bhasma has liver protective features and it helps to decrease the bilirubin level in the blood. It also normalizes liver functions. Tharamandooram tablet is indicated in acidity, colic pain due to peptic and duodenal ulcer and associated diseases.  

Alcin tablet, the herbal remedy for acidity and gastric ulcerations, is also effective in conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. Alcin is rich in the goodness of Triphala, trikatu, Mandura bhasma, the ferrous oxide, and additionally Purana  guda , jaggery variety, and Chavya (Piper chaba ) and Chitraka (Plumbago zeylanicum) processed in cows' urine.   Alcin is hailed as a safe and effective adaptogen to combat gastric and duodenal ulcers. Ayurveda heals and rejuvenates faster and the effect lasts for longer. Discover authentic ayurveda, say yes to ayurvedic care of Bipha healthcare.