Overcome Acidity and Gastritis with Herbal Supplements

Acidity and gastritis problems are common issues that cause harm to your overall wellness quotient. Though most cases are easy to heal, even without any medicines, the frequency of illness or disease is high.  

Problems occur when stomach acidity and gastritis troubles stay with you for the long term. Herbal supplements are the best way to overcome recurring acidity issues. This post covers the Ayurveda perspective on acidity and gastritis problems and their effective remedies using natural ingredients.  

Acidity and Gastritis - Ayurveda Perspective  

The causes, symptoms, risk factors and side effects of acidity and gastritis include simple factors only. According to Ayurveda, Pitta dosha vitiation is the primary reason for hyper acidity and gastritis problems.   

The vitiation in Pitta happens due to excessive consumption of irritant foods, pungent and sour food items, and consumption of chilly foods and fermented drinks. It could also happen due to excessive anger or extreme exposure to heat or fire.  

A vitiated Pitta dosha potentially leads to stomach acid production, which in turn, is the reason for acidity as a physical disorder. For immediate relief and long-term solutions, the ideal route is to opt for making essential dietary changes.  

Herbal Remedies for Treating Acidity and Gastritis  

Herbal remedies occupy an incredible role in helping treat acidity and gastritis symptoms. Listed below are the top proven remedies in the category:  

Ayurveda Medicines  

The best Ayurvedic medicines to help heal acidity and gastritis are in tablet or capsule form. You need a healthcare expert’s advice to proceed with such medications. Tharamandooram and Alcin 90 are the proven herbal formulations in this regard.  

Tharamandooram is a solution from classical Ayurveda, and Alcin 90 tablets are patent & proprietary products from Bipha Healthcare. Both contain numerous natural ingredients, with the common ones in both solutions being Vidanga, Chitraka, Triphala, Trikadu, Chavyam and Gomoothra. 

Home Remedies  

The main home remedies that help in overcoming acidity and gastritis problems are solutions using fennel, black cumin seeds, cloves, watermelon juice, lukewarm water, apple cider vinegar, cardamom, almonds, jaggery, mint leaves, buttermilk, ginger, papaya, ajwain, cold milk, baking soda, turmeric, gum, etc.  

You may also use options like lemon water, licorice root, chamomile tea, basil leaves, etc. Some other homecare remedies for dealing with acidity and gastritis are sleeping on your left side with a raised head and checking for allergies at regular intervals.  

Herbal Supplements Intake  

You may consume herbal supplements or herbs directly. It will help you get answers on how to cure acidity permanently. The top herbs in this category are basil leaves, cinnamon, ajwain, turmeric, etc.  

Regular items like a banana, elaichi, pudina, avocado, asparagus, yoghurt, cucumber, etc., can be included in this regard to boost the gastrointestinal wellness of a person. 

Lifestyle Habits  

The biggest lifestyle shifts should occur in dietary habits like consumption of food at a slow pace, removal of stress, regular hydration principles, avoidance of acidity-triggering foods, and consistent checkups with your doctor.  

The foods to remove in full or partly from your consumption schedule are fatty food, spicy food, gas-forming food, junk food, greasy food, citrus fruits, raw onions, tea, coffee, and cold drinks. 

In A Nutshell  

Preventive care under acidity and gastritis treatment is possible, but that doesn’t take away the need for therapeutic or curative support for such issues. The best solution is to find a remedial measure that works optimally in your case and stick to it. Happy healing!