Kashaya Tablets - The Easiest Way to Consume Kashayam

This is a brief article on Kashaya tablets and the pioneer in their domain - Bipha Healthcare. As you already know, Kashayam is an Ayurvedic formulation in a fluid condition and is the perfect herbal decoction since the ancient era. Also called Kwath or Kadha, these water-soluble herb extracts have great medicinal properties.

The most feasible method of consuming Kashayam is in the form of tablets. More about the formulation type and Kashaya tablets uses in the next segments. 

An Overview of Kashaya Tablets

Kashaya tablets are prepared using solidification technologies and their application on the normal Kashaya formulations. The entire fluid mass is prepared as a concentration under temperatures. This temperature will be controlled to maintain the medicinal properties of the herbs.

The preparation process of Kashaya tablets follows a disciplined structure that is reliant on different classical Ayurveda texts. It takes the consumption of two Kashaya tablets in one go to get benefits equal to that of the normal Kashaya dosage.

Kashaya tablets offer numerous health benefits over Kashayam formulations. In all Kashaya tablet preparation and finalization of its formulation, different active tests are conducted, including pH studies.

Tablets are available in bottles and are easy to carry compared to fluids. It is also a better option in terms of taste, colour and odour when you compare it to traditional Kashayams. These are available in the market in two forms -

Kashaya caplets and tablets.

There is an added benefit here. You can switch Kashaya consumption with Kashaya tablets anytime during your treatment schedule. Switching over to Kashaya tablets is the optimum way to get rid of its bitter taste and still maintain the medicinal quality and herbal solution benefits.

Bipha - Pioneer of Kashaya Tablets

Bipha was the first company to manufacture Kashaya tablets way back in 1971. Though currently followed by numerous other Ayurveda companies and herbal solution providers, Bipha holds the pioneer rank in this specific formulation category.

The launch of Kashaya tablets didn’t just offer an alternative to bitter-tasting, traditional Kashayam fluids but showed the way forward for new Ayurvedic formulations, too.

Bipha went ahead and launched 20 new Kashaya tablet formulations again in 2008. This makes the 90+ years old company the best bet in the niche. Keep your fingers crossed for more exciting additions to the Kashaya tablets category from Bipha. The journey continues!

Types of Tablets & their Benefits

There are numerous types of Kashaya tablets providing unique benefits. All of them are mentioned in classical Ayurveda texts like Sahasra Yogam, Ashtanga Hrudayam, Yogagrantam and Yogaratnakaram. Listed below are some of the main formulations, including Bipha exclusives:

Kashaya Tablet Name

Indication and Primary Benefit(s)

Amruthotharam Kashaya Tablet

Rheumatoid arthritis, fever, constipation

Punarnavadi Kashaya Tablet

Anaemia, cough, pain, inflammation

Dasamoolakaduthrayam Kashaya Tablet

Dyspnoea, cough, fever, pain

Sahacharadi Kashaya Tablet

Vata disorders, pain, stiffness

Rasnerandadi Kashaya Tablet

Arthritis, inflammation, pain

Mahathikthakam Kashaya Tablet

Wounds, ulcers, skin ailments

Mahamanjishtadi Kashaya Tablet

Numbness, obesity, gout, STDs

Dhanwantharam Kashaya Tablet

Pain, cough, gout, dyspnoea, diabetes, anaemia, abdominal disorders

Varanadi Kashaya Tablet

Cough, obesity, bronchitis, hernia, headache

Gulguluthiktakam Kashaya Tablet

Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, tumours, diabetes

Chiruvilwadi Kashaya Tablet

Digestive disorders, piles, pain, itching

The above is not an exhaustive list of Kashaya tablets for customers. You can find the extended list of these herbal formulations as part of online and offline resources.


The discovery, use and benefits of Kashaya tablets are a never-ending process. Kashayams are useful for treating all kinds of health issues and your wellness goals. And every existing Kashayam can be converted into a tablet or capsule format. This makes the Kashayam tablet benefits an ideal remedy at all times and for all ailments.

It is a guarantee that more advancements will come in the field of Kashaya tablets. There is also the offer of new scientific studies and research regarding the same. Here’s wishing more power and success to the Kashaya tablets and their progress.