Is your child under stress? Check out now!

You don’t know how your child is experiencing the world.

Yes, it’s the real truth! What will you do if you find their inner world is dull and dark? They feel to remain inactive all the day like in a deep sorrow? This happens and is usual.

Try to understand what your child might be suffering from right now from their viewpoint. You are trying to fill colours in their life. If they also want to feel the colourful glow in their lives, their mind should be free from anxiety, fear and all such distress and distractions.

Ever heard your child saying lies to you regarding his school marks or skipping dinner and sleeping too early like in a tired state?

If yes, you have to know these facts better. A normal active child will be showing all emotions equally and in a somewhat balanced manner. He or she will be interested to eat, play, study and sleep regularly. Interest in talking and travelling with others also will be seen. The factor of curiosity is what distinguishes an adult from a child.

Know that your child if normal will always be asking you genuine queries about anything everything they see and feel. That’s a part of their lovely journey of life.

Have an extra look at your Childs activities.

  • Is the child more silent now a days or even crying and complaining about things more often?
  • Is the child eating and sleeping too less these days?
  • Is your child lacking drive to do routine activities and losing weight?
  • You have to conclude that your child is having more stress.

What to do next?

Taking care of your child's emotions are vital here. You can make them feel good about themselves first by consoling. 

You can say, " You are our little angel, we need your happiness. We are with you always”.

These simple sentences are enough for creating wonders in their blooming life.

Children need care and support abundantly .If you provide them tender love, they will reciprocate it equally.

Next, openly talk to them in a friendly manner. If they have a problematic friend or teacher in school or are they feeling any subject to be boring.

They will probably confess story of some classmate ignoring since some days or teacher scolding in the last two weeks. Little things are enough for them to weep uncontrollably. Thier's is a tender heart. Keep that fact in mind and do accordingly. You can take them to a park or beech and give food of their choice.

What can bring smile to your child’s face again?

Find out their favourite hobbies and activities. Give them a colouring book or children's digest to nurture their creativity.

You can take them to museums, planetarium like places also to increase quest for science subjects. Life is built step by step. Let them build their own blocks by learning things on their own slowly.

What Ayurvedic wisdom says about your child?

Your child is in the growing stage aka, the Kapha factor increasing period. Let your child eat, play, sleep nicely. You can foster their growth by positive nutrient supplementation.

Give them banana mixed with little jaggery and coconut scrapings in the morning and evening. Let your child drink turmeric milk before they go to play. Let them drink Ayurvedic powder infused or herb infused water often, say Tulsi boiled water. You can play with them during indoor games like chess, carroms etc.


Better not to go behind artificial food items and supplements. When best options are available for you, make use of that, RIGHT NOW! Bipha is one of the pioneers Ayurvedic companies in the Ayurvedic pharmaceutics. Today the reach of Bipha has become global and magnificent.

Think global choices for your child’s progress.