Anaemia cure and facts you have never heard before!

When you feel to get a sudden leap in your life, your body does not show much easy activity. To your surprise, you feel exhausted even after little or no work.  

You may end up consuming some Iron tablets as remedy for Anaemia, still not getting that hyped list of benefits visible in your body?  

Why? Is it due to the inefficacy of the so-called supplements or your lack of implementation of proper diet and lifestyle along with this? This is simply related to your will power to steer your life in proper direction.   

  • You need to be assertive in your thoughts, diet and lifestyle to gain more results.  
  • You want energy, well, you need an Oxygen supply to your body. You need good blood circulation also for that.  

Increasing your blood circulation is the key to getting more vitality.  

  • Your liveliness makes you active round the clock and increases your work efficiency also.  

Check your Haemoglobin levels, got value less than 12g /dL?  

  • If yes, next you have to increase your Iron content in diet.  
  • Pick some green leafy veggies like spinach, amaranths, pulses like beans, green gram, fruits like pomegranate, grapes, dry fruits, nuts and combine them nicely to make smoothies, salads and more. 
  • If you don’t mind, you can limit your tea, coffee intake to only once a day. You can try Turmeric milk, that’s also a good idea! 

How will you know you need some help? (Signs of Anaemia) 

  • When you feel too weak to go for your son’s school program after your tiresome office hours. Your general weakness starts affecting your body and mind.  
  • When your skin, hair and nails become dry, pale and look like unhealthy.  
  • Suddenly you feel to faint in between your office meetings or household work.  
  • As a lady busy managing everything, you find irregular and less bleeding in periods often. 
  • When your granny is having difficulty to climb up the stairs and asking your help due to breathing difficulty.  

What we gift to you? 

We will gift you OXYGEN.  

Yes, if you are able to make the required diet, lifestyle changes, rest is secure in the hands of our bipfer annabhedi tablet.    

What is that? Name means?  

Bipha Ayurveda’s gift to you is Iron; Ferrum containing Annabhedi tablet.  

The name itself says it’s a rich Iron supplement. This contains Annabhedi Bhasma – ferric oxide, Haritaki – Terminalia chebula, potent laxative and blood purifier. This makes  Bipfer Annabhedi tablet a useful remedy inn Iron deficiency Anaemia also.  

This Annabhedi sindoora is a well-known medicine in Jaundice also. Annabedhi chenduram is used in Siddha medicine also. Finally, something which is useful in every stream of herbal medicine. Ayurvedic Pharma of Bipha Healthcare has the solution.  

How to take  Bipfer Annabhedi tablet? 

Before you go to more weakness, buy the tablet at this crucial time itself, have two tablets twice a day after food.  

You can sip some drops of honey or refreshing lemon juice after taking this tablet for Ayurveda Healthcare 

How to live with Anaemia?  

  • You don’t have to live with Anaemia, you have to live with exposure to fresh air and a relaxed mindset. 
  •  Be positive, your mind when becomes strong through breathing exercises will make your body also strong.  
  • A daily session of Savasana , the yoga pose can keep you relaxed in every situation in life. 
  •  Be prepared to meet all sorts of good and bad experiences in life.  
  • You may have weight loss or weight gain, not an issue. Life has to go on progressively.  

Iron is one of the most prominent metal and industrial raw material. In our body also, Iron is important just like that. Boost your iron, improve your blood levels which connects Ayurveda and HealthGive strength to your life, make it iron strong.